Monday, November 18, 2019
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How to Stay Positive in Trials

One of the things I am good at, and have been told I am good at, is looking at things in a more positive light, I stay positive in trials. Even when things go wrong.

Today, I have a video of some steps that you can use to stay positive in trials as well. Steps that I myself need to work through in my own brain, each and every time something goes wrong, something happens out of my control.

And when I am speaking of trials in this video, it is not of MAJOR trials. I do not want anyone to think I am trying to simplify your trials. If there are major health concerns, major family loss, etc, these steps in the video will somewhat apply, but obviously need to be looked at in a more serious manor. Some of the principles can be used in these times, as well. But obviously when things are more serious and out of our control, there are different elements we should consider.

In the video, I want to talk about the things that we often turn from a molehill to a MOUNTAIN. I know how to do this because my brain wants to do this all the time! Anyone else with me?!

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How to Stay Positive in the Midst of Chaos

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