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How to Stay Positive in Chaos Mom Life
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How to Stay Positive in the Midst of Chaos

In mom life, chaos is something you can be sure of. How can you handle it, especially if it hits day after day after day? We are discussing how to do that today!

How to Stay Positive in Chaos Mom Life

Man, I remember days of pure chaos… days like when one of my babies woke up in the wee hours of the morning with poop up their back after wallering in it for a few hours (in the hair, all over the bed, etc), or when my child in a baby walker is on an ornery streak- pulling over plants and the other kids just won’t do what they are supposed to do, or days when everyone just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, including you!

How can you look at that day in a affirmative way? What can you do so as to not murder your husband as soon as he walks through the door for giving you all of these little terrors?

Keeping your head up is hard. And have you ever thought some of those famous YouTubers, or Instagramers don’t have bad days… why can’t my life be like theirs?

First of all, stop it.

You know as well as I do that those beautiful pictures of their spotless home, clean children posing together with a beautiful filter are not reality. It’s a staged photo. We know this. Why do we live our life as though we can’t live up to the “so and so’s” on Instagram?

There have been times when your house looked pretty great too. Yes, it was when the kids were napping, but it looked pretty great for an hour! And yes, you have those great photos of your clean kids that you put on the front of your Christmas card but how long did that last? You know those Instagram children were getting juice stains down the front of their cute little designer shirts after their mama got a few great shots.

How to Stay Positive in Chaos

Second, Take a deep breath.

Go ahead. Breath in. Yep, nice and slow. Now breathe out.

YOU. ARE. A. GREAT. MOM. Nope, not perfect. But there are NO perfect moms anywhere! Do you hear me? None!!! So stop beating yourself up about a few manicured photos of a family you really don’t know!

Prayer helps. Close your eyes. Say a prayer, even if it seems silly to pray that the dog doesn’t pee on your carpet again or whatever it is. No worry, no burden, no request is too big. No chaos is too crazy!

Think Positive.

Now that we are a little more rational about this whole thing, lets think about how great we really do have it.

What is one good thing that happened today? Did your 2 year old put on their own clean undies this morning? How about your 10 year old packing their own lunch, WITHOUT BEING TOLD? Did your teenager tell you they loved you before heading out this morning? Did you get to scan through Facebook before the first cries of the day?

Are your cupboards empty? Did you pay your bills? Do your kids have shoes and coats to wear? Do your kids love you, even though they get mad at you? Did you TRY to get things done around the house?


Make a plan but don’t freak out if it changes.

In the evenings, I usually think about what will be happening the next day. I plan things out in my head, and many times write them down. This is a great thing to do, and it REALLY does help me keep organized.

BUT in the mornings, if things start off on the wrong foot and things just don’t go how you had hoped, that doesn’t mean we have to melt in a puddle of despair.

Roll with it mama. Set that Instagram worthy expectation down. And roll with this.

Think Positive. Yep, do it Again.

You have a beautiful family. You have been blessed with these children (believe me, it gets better!). What about a roof over your head. You have a vehicle that gets you to the grocery store to get groceries for these beautiful children of yours.

The way you live might not be exactly as you had pictured it, or it may not be how you would like, but there are blessings to be found in it all.


You are a great mom!

Lastly, Punch Today in the Face.

That’s right, mom. Plan for World Freaking DOMINATION. This is your house! Put down the phone. Turn on some music. And know that you got this!

And before you go, I want to remind you that you are NOT the only mama who has ever gone through the things you are going through! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I know we all have important things to accomplish today, but I’m glad you made time to visit, it DOES mean a lot to me! Have an AMAZING rest of your day!

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