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Packing for vacation in a backpack
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How to Pack for 5 Days in a Backpack! Challenge!

I knew this would be a challenge because I think it’s better to overpack than under pack but this time, I don’t have that luxury! Join me as I pack for 5 days vacation in a backpack!

packing for vacation in a backpack

My 17 year old son just finished his high school career last week! So we decided to celebrate before he had to officially become an adult, I would take him on a short vacation. On the cheap of course I booked a flight and AirBNB. And we are headed to Madeira Beach, Florida!

We are leaving home on a Monday (today!) and heading back on a Friday. And at first I panicked. There’s no way I can pack everything in a backpack! But I was trying to do everything as cheap as possible, so I didn’t want to pay for a carryon.

Last week when I went for 6 day to a training conference, I packed in a carryon and still had another bag on top of that!

But I was packing for Indiana weather. And for vacation, I am packing for Florida weather. That’s about 4o degree difference, and a completely different wardrobe!

So did I make it? Was I able to accomplish what I set out to do?

Check this out:

Packing for vacation in a backpack
Packing for vacation in a backpack
Packing for vacation in a backpack

I started with my favorite backpack that I got off of Amazon. (I get a lot of compliments on this bag. You can find it HERE. Only $33.99 plus 5% off with coupon on Amazon page. It looks like it costs much more than that.) It’s not huge, but I use it all of the time to go to my Substitute teacher jobs and meetings.

Then I packed the following items (I will link the things that I can find):

  • 2 pairs sandals- one from Kohl’s (Kohl’s brand), and the other from RockDove found HERE.
  • 3 tank tops, various
  • socks and undies
  • pj’s from GAP (several years ago)
  • 3 T-shirts, 2 from Kohl’s, Tacos 4Ever from Etsy HERE.
  • 2 pairs jean shorts (Maurice’s and Kohl’s)
  • Black button down dress GAP (got off of clearance rack)
  • 1 bathing suit bottom
  • 2 bathing suit tops, black and white one is HERE.
  • Cosmetic bag from IKEA (no longer available)
  • Crossover purse by Amelie Galanti, available HERE

So as you can see, I DID IT! Cheap skate didn’t have to buy a carryon!

Be sure to follow the blog HERE because Wednesday I will be posting an ACTUAL VIDEO (which I get so self conscious about!) where I am proving to you that all of this fit inside my backpack! I will also show you what I am wearing to the airport.

If you’d like to see what we are doing this week, follow along with me on my Instagram page HERE.

We are in Florida this afternoon, so I will see you on Instagram!


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