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How to Keep an Eye on Chemicals in Your Home and on Your Body with Essential Oils

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I’ve been pretty conscious of chemicals in my home for a while now. Probably since my second son was born (15 years ago) I have tried to make sure I and my boys ate healthier and that I really kept an eye on chemicals that I was bringing into my home (via cleaners, etc). I am also a realist in that I know that no matter how hard I try there will ALWAYS be things that I have to use that have chemicals in/on them.

Our clothes have chemicals. The materials that our homes are made with/ are comprised of LOTS of chemicals, along with our cars.

So what do we do? Well, for me, I just try to control what I can control, and not worry about the rest. If we create a healthy body with the foods we eat, it will be able to ward off any environmental chemicals that we can’t do much about.

BUT there are things I KNOW I can control!

One of the things I do is use essential oils. Essential oils CAN BE organic and non toxic to your body. I say CAN BE because there are some kinds and some companies that do not grow their products (plants, tree, roots, fruits, flowers, herbs, etc) organically. And even if some DO, sometimes in the distillation process, they will use a distillery that has been used by other companies that may use chemicals on their products.

When looking for good oils, you want to do your research and find a Grade A oil company. Grade A insures that the oil is organic and pure, and that there is no filler like a carrier oil in it (unless it is a blend and specified on the bottle).

That’s why I have chosen to bring Young Living into my home. Young Living has a promise of being involved in every process along the way of each and every product, from seed to seal. Find that information HERE. There you will see that in their fields they don’t even use ORGANIC pesticides because they don’t want to change the DNA of the product. They want it 100% organic and pure.

I have been using oils for at least 5 years now. I have used them for things like colds, headaches, open wounds (scratches, acne, etc), sore muscles, stomach issues, and cleaning, also in a diffuser to sleep or just to make your house smell great without using candles (which can have lots of chemicals!).


I started my journey with Young Living by purchasing the Starter Kit. I am a person who loves a great deal, and when I broke down the numbers on everything that was included in a starter kit, it was a great deal! Plus my oils after that were discounted because I was now a member!

IF you’d like to check things out, you can go HERE and visit the Young Living site and see all of the products. You can also go HERE to get your Starter Kits and start on your journey of healthier living!

You can also hear from Sarah Harnish, who gives great explanations for the products and how to use them. It’s a really great resource, and I’m thankful to have been shown this info so I can be armed with truth about these great oils! You can find the free audio HERE. Scroll down to The 101 Audio Recording. You can also get her books HERE if you are looking at making Young Living Essential Oils a business for yourself.

If you are looking to make some changes to make your family healthier, check out essential oils. You will be glad you did!

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