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How to Keep a Clean Home EVERYDAY!

No, this is not click bait! Today I am sharing how you can keep a clean home everyday even with kids!!! Keep Reading!

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So, lets start off by saying, I LOVE a clean home. But I am also a realist. I know that a lived in home can not be spotless all of the time, and mine definitely is not. BUT most of the time, my home is pretty clean.

Clean and spotless are two different adjectives.

So here are a few things that you can do DAILY to keep a clean home!

  • Make your bed! In the morning, when I crawl out of bed, my husband is already at work. So EVERY morning, I toss the covers up and straighten the pillows. It doesn’t have to be perfect. This takes all of about 30 seconds.
  • Put dirty clothes into the hamper/basket, don’t let them lay on the floor. This means bedroom, bathroom, closet, etc. Pick them up when you take them off and put them right into the laundry. This takes less than a minute!
  • When you take your dirty clothes to the laundry, throw a load of clothes into the washer. Even if you work, do this before you leave. Then when you come home, throw them in the dryer. I also fold a load of laundry before bed. Starting a load of clothes, can take less than 5 minutes and if done daily, you won’t have a build up or mountain of laundry haunting you daily.
  • Vacuum. Yep, I do this NEARLY everyday. Mostly because I have 2 big dogs and 4 kids. While supper is cooking, I grab the sweeper and run it through the main living areas and front and back door rugs. I would typically be doing nothing while letting something simmer on the stove or cook in the oven, so this is a great time to grab the vacuum and spend 5-10 minutes vacuuming! (You could also broom sweep, but I find it’s much easier to grab the vacuum)
  • Pick up the kitchen after each meal. This has become a habit in my household because things just seem to get backed up if it doesn’t get taken care of right away. If the kids leave the coral boxes out, the lunch rolls around, they would tend to push them back out of their way then add lunch things to the counter. then those things could get left out and by supper, you have a mess! So I may have to remind, like I did today, but they can take care of their breakfast and lunch items, as well as help with taking care of supper mess. The rule in my house is that I bake/cook supper, I clean up each things that I get out to make supper with but when we are finished eating, my boys clean up the kitchen. This works out well for us! It take all of 5-10 minutes depending on who all helps out!
  • Empty Trash. There’s nothing more disgusting than walking past the trash can in the morning and smelling last night’s table scraps… gag. So taking out the trash is a chore that is completed EACH NIGHT. This take about 2 minutes including taking the garbage to the garage.
  • Do the Dishes! Whether you have a dishwasher or hand wash your dishes, make sure you get these done each night. We do them right after supper so we can rest the remainder of the evening. It’s nice to have a clean sink, and to wake up to NO (or very few) dishes in the sink in the morning! In my house, There is one son that will rinse and put dishes in the dishwasher, and one son that will unload the dishwasher. Each job takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Do a “Walk Through” your house before you go to bed. At this time, pick up things that are out (or have a child pick up their things). If you do this daily, unless you did a major closet cleanup of something, your house should stay pretty clean.

If you have Young Ones:

I do want to suggest a few things if you have little ones running around and seem to always have tornado type situation happening.

  • Let them help, TEACH them to help. As soon as they can walk, they are old enough to help clean up! I guarantee it!
  • Keep toys in certain areas. When my kids were young, I realized they didn’t have to drag ALL of the toys to the living rom or dining room floors. They could play with them in their room or playroom, and that was it! I didn’t let my kids drag toys to the living room. I will say, I made an exception for books. But everything else, stayed in the room with the toys box!
  • Keep toys to a minimum. I know this is a tough one, because for every birthday, Christmas, and Easter everyone gets your children TOYS. So a few times a year, weed out those toys and give to a charity. Then you won’t have a literal TON of toys to take care of each day.

There are also things you need to do weekly or monthly to keep a clean home…

These are just. few things that you need tomato sure you do a little less often but are still important with keeping your home clean daily:

  • Clean your bathroom (weekly). Clean the toilet, clean towels, clean the sink and the mirror, take out the trash. If done on a regular basis, this job can take about 5 minutes.
  • Dust (weekly). I have known a few humans that hardly EVER have dust in their homes, so if you are one of these, you might only have to dust once a month. But for all of the rest of us, weekly is a good idea. This way when a child touches something that hasn’t been touched in a while, they won’t leave a hand print for you. This basically announces to everyone that you haven’t dusted… lol This is a great job for a child, but it can also take a full grown human about 5-10 to complete as well.
  • Declutter. As you live life in your home, if you come across something that you have not used for over a year, get rid of it. I declutter my closet about twice a year, I try to declutter the rest of the house as I come across things. I end up making a box or bag of things and take them to a local charity (if they are in decent shape). This helps keep your home cleaner looking, just not having as many things laying around!

Hopefully this helped!

These are the things that I and my family do to keeper home clean. I you come to my home without letting me know you are stopping by, my home may not be perfect but it will be relatively clean. And if I know you are coming, it may only take 5 minutes to straighten up a few things, which is awesome.

I hope this was helpful!

If you like this type of mom help, minimalist type living, or work smarter not harder type of thought process, make sure you follow the blog! I post each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday! See you next time!


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