Friday, December 06, 2019
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How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring (Interior)

Spring. Gah! I’m can. not. wait. until it gets to Indiana.

Picture from my aunt

I talked to my aunt who lives in Texas yesterday, an she was sending me pictures of the trees all covered in leaves, and flowers (bulbs) all blooming! *jealous!*

BUT getting my home ready for Spring is one of my FAVORITE things to do. It motivates me to do things that I put off during the winter, simply because I LOVE the clean, fresh, light feeling. So in the next several weeks, you will be joining me in different things that I do around my house.

Until then, here are some ideas (and some things that I will be doing as well!) to freshen up the interior of your home for spring:

These poor plants….
  • Pay attention to those house plants! If you have real ones, do they need a bigger pot? Do they need fertilized? If you have fake plants, make sure you get a good dust rag (maybe a little water depending on what it can handle) and dust the leaves. Maybe change the pot to something more spring-like (pastels or white?). For me, my plants need some TLC ASAP! They desperately need bigger pots and I have a red pot for them that doesn’t match my decor anymore! It’s definitely on my list!
  • Why not freshen up a paint color in a room you’ve been neglecting? Whether you hire it done, or you do it yourself, a new paint color in a neglected room always feels good. Something to consider is the amount of light coming into your room. If there isn’t a lot of light, you might want to stick with a light or white color. If it’s got more light pouring in the room, you can safely darken it up, if you’d like. My master bedroom was the ONLY room in the house that I didn’t paint when we moved in a year and a half ago. So last weekend I stopped by the paint store and grabbed some light colored paint. The window in the room isn’t large, and it sits under a porch overhang which makes it darker. Painting it all one, light color made if feel like a whole new room! (PS- the make over info is coming soon)
  • Go through your closets and drawers. Weed out all of those clothes you never wear, and get ready for summer! This is a good time to figure out what size you are (in case your clothes shrank over the winter) and to make a list of items you are going to need. This is especially helpful if you have children, because unfortunately they have probably jumped a size or two since last summer. When you go through your clothes, don’t forget your winter coat(s). Make sure to get them washed/ dry cleaned and put away in a tote or sealed hanging bag for next winter. Also make sure to get all of those sweaters cleaned and put in totes. Make sure to label the totes (on both ends!), add a few dryer sheets (to keep them smelling fresh), and put them all in one place. That way next season, you know where they are, they are clean, and easy to find.


  • Check the tag for washing instructions
  • Change your pillows! And if you are like me, you change your pillow COVERS. This is a super easy and cheap way to freshen up a bedroom or living area. Again switch from those warm colors of fall and winter to pastels and whites. (Tip: Wash your old pillow covers according to their instructions and put them in a sealed bag. They have large (I believe they are 5 gallon) baggies that you can lay your pillow covers flat in, then stick in a dryer sheet and seal them up for fall!
  • Update decor items. Yep, time to put those snowmen away. There’s no need for evergreen garland right now! Dust all of your decor items, wrap them up in newspaper, tissue paper, or old sheet/towels and put them in a tote. Make sure to label (on both sides!), and put it where you put your decor items. If you haven’t used a decor item in a year (yep, one year) get rid of it. You probably won’t use it next season either, so why keep the clutter? Bring out the Easter (if you decorate for that) or Spring decor. Ideas? Flowers. White/light linens. White/light dishes. Change out your centerpiece on your entry table, dining room table. Bring out those fruity, flowery, or clean smelling candles. Put away ones with dark wax, save it for fall.
  • Find a good Spring Cleaning list that you can jump on board with, and start cleaning! Make sure you take your time, spread it out over the next 2-3 weeks. You don’t want to become overwhelmed. Pinterest is a good place to look for a list.
  • Change out dingy looking rugs. Sometimes winter (at least where I am) can help you track in mud, salt (from melting ice), and whatever else will stick to your kids’ boots, and it can start to make a rug fray, snag, and fade. Change it out to help make things look clean and fresh again.

Hopefully this gives your some encouragement to get ready for spring! Is there something that I didn’t mention that you like to do for the interior of your home for spring? Let me know!

Enjoy your day, and happy spring everyone!

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  1. Switching over the wardrobes takes me a full day! It’s tiring but worth it as then I know everything is put away clean and tidy for next winter. Great tips 🙂

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