Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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How to Figure Out Your Design Style

People get hung up on design style. If you watch any design shows on TV, you realize quickly that they are ALWAYS asked what their design style is. So, what is YOURS?


Well, there are technical ways of finding out. Like you can take this quiz HERE from HGTV, and with choosing from different room/style pictures, they will assess your design style. I took the quiz and they said my style is Traditional. Which I wouldn’t disagree with. But there is so much more to my design style (which I will talk about in a bit).

There is also this quiz by Laurel & Wolf, HERE.  They also have you choose from room/style pictures to assess your style. But warning- before you can receive your results, you have to enter an email address or log in with Facebook. This quiz told me that I am 40 % Transitional, 35% Coastal, and 25% Contemporary. Again, I wouldn’t disagree with any of those.

And one last one, THIS QUIZ from Houzz, asks some pretty random questions like “What is your ideal pet?” and “What is your drink of choice?”, along with a few decorating type questions. From this quiz I got that my style is Coastal. Which again, I won’t disagree with.

So how can 3 different quizzes give all of these different answers?

Well first, each of us is unique. You have your likes. I have mine. Design styles were made up by people. PEOPLE decided that this type of flooring is more for this style of decor and this style of counter top is more for this OTHER style…

I like elements from all sorts of styles. I can name off things I like from Traditional, Transitional, Coastal, Bohemian, Rustic, Farmhouse, Industrial, Scandinavian, Modern, Contemporary, etc. Because you will never be able to fit my tastes, my likes (and dislikes) in a box. Same with you!

So if you are trying to go for the Modern style and you just can’t find what you are looking for in magazines or the Internet, broaden your horizons a bit. Don’t be afraid to look in Traditional, or Bohemian, or Industrial.

You are unique! You are amazing! You have different experiences! You have traveled different places than I! SO naturally, we will have differences in taste. BUT that’s ok! Embrace what you love. And don’t just choose something because your friend loves it, or because a design show says it would fit with your “style”.

So what design styles do you love? Have fun playing around with these quizzes! 🙂

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