Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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How to Decorate for Spring! Buying Guide.

As I sit here, typing, AGAIN it is spitting snow in Indiana. There’s a rumor that in 5-6 days that it will be in the upper 40’s… And I’m not sure when the WARMNESS of Spring will ever arrive. BUT until then, I continue to dream.

Today, I have picked some things out that will help get us in that Spring mood. NONE of these items are sponsored, and I am not receiving anything from the companies. They are companies I either know and like, and some are just ones I found cute products by. So buy with caution. I only posted items with higher ratings though, so there shouldn’t be any issue with them. I will let you know which are which as I run through some products.


Letter Boards, I’m sure you’ve seen them. I got myself one just before Christmas and I LOVE it so, so much. I love changing the message on it every now and then. Right now my board says.  “I YOLO, but with caution”. I laugh every time I see it. But Letter Folk is a great company that has every type of letter board and letters you can think of. They are also a business run by a family here in the US. You can check out their products HERE.  I am super excited, because Wednesday they will be coming out with some new journals/ planners! Also check out their Instagram, they post so many great ideas for your letter board.


Now I am ALWAYS looking for cute pillow covers. And Spring is a great time to get new ones. How cute is this cover? If you are on a farm, hobby farm, suburban farm, or whatever, this will look cute on your couch or chair. You can find this on Amazon HERE.  I have not ordered through this company but they have great ratings on Amazon.


One more pillow cover… I have a few dark colored pillows, and this would be GREAT to cover those, helping make the room and couches seem more clean and bright. I have not bought from this company either, but also has great ratings on Amazon. You can find these HERE.


A style I really, really like is the clean, Scandinavian style. These baskets are a very nice addition to any home and a great place to store blankets, toys, or even to set a potted plant into. I love the ‘metallic’ aspect to the bottom of these. This 3 piece set can be found HERE. I have not ordered these, but they have a good rating and are from Wayfair.


This beautiful tree slice pedestal would be gorgeous as a center piece, or in the middle of your coffee table. You could serve food on it or put your fresh bouquet of flowers on it. And nothing says Spring like bringing the outside INSIDE.  You can find this on Etsy HERE. I have not purchased from this seller, but they have good ratings.


Nothing feels more spring like than plants. I am a big proponent of real plants and the benefits that they offer (clean air is the big one). BUT if you cannot keep plants alive, or there just isn’t enough sunlight, fake plants are a great option. These little cuties an be found on Amazon HERE. This set of 4 in these pretty white pots would look beautiful on a mantle, on a window sill, down the center of a table, on your bathroom counter, and more. I have not ordered from these (yet) but they have great ratings.

IMG_2228These wooden boxes are a FAVORITE of mine. I LOVE having wooden boxes, and using them for all kinds of things. Again, adding a natural wood element in your home can feel like Spring! You can use old wooden boxes for storage, blankets, on a take or counter for displaying fruit, flowers, etc, they can be used for toys, towels, shoes, books/ magazines, art materials (my favorite), and much more. I do not have a link for these BUT these can be found at flea markets, antique stores, and more. I know I have a weird obsession with boxes and when I see a cool antique box, I just can’t leave it without a home. If you are in Northeast Indiana though, I might be able to get you a box or two… 😉

Hopefully you enjoyed this post today. I know I LOVE planning for Spring, and making my home feel more Spring-like as I wait patiently for Spring to get here.

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