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How I Stay Focused/ Organized Each Day

How does a work at home mom of 4 stay focused and organized each day? Keep reading and you will see how I do this!

I am in no way perfect, and haven’t perfected anything. BUT I think after nearly 20 years of marriage, and almost 18 years of having children, I have a handle on a lot of things for my family.

Today, I am sharing with you some of the things that work well for me, and then everything else… good, bad, or ugly. 😉

Also, just a reminder, my schedule is different now then it used to be 5 or 10 years ago. Back then I homeschooled, and obviously my boys were much younger then!

Today, I have 4 boys, ages 10-17. They all attend public school now. And I have a business I have started from home and I do some substitute teaching as well.

Wake Up!

So in the mornings, if I sub, I get up around 6am. If not, I wake about 6:50am (sleeping in, yay!). My boys all get themselves up, but there are times where they shut off their alarms and fall back to sleep. At this time, my boys all get themselves ready for school. Though I do need to give my 10 year old reminders every now and then.

We all leave the house around 7:30-7:45am. My older 2 boys drive, and drive themselves and my #3 son to school. I drive my youngest to school because his school is about 10 minutes away from the others. If I sub, my oldest son will take the youngest to school.

If I sub I come home at 3:30pm. But if I work from home that day, I get home around 8am. I eat breakfast, then sit down, read my Bible, journal, and do a short study. And all of this time, I drink coffee. Of course.

This block of time helps my brain get clear and ready to work the remainder of the day.

Start My Work Day

I then sit down at my desk and check my schedule. I have a planner that I absolutely love. I will probably do a favorite video at the end of the month, and this will definitely be one of my favorite things! You can find it below on Amazon. It is a little pricy, BUT for me, it’s totally worth it.

What I love about it is that there is a month overview and then DAILY overview, which includes times, to-do lists, a place where I put what we are having for dinner, and more.

So with this handy book, I keep track of my schedule.


If you don’t have one of these notebooks, it’s easy to do essentially the same thing in a plain notebook. I used to buy a pretty notebook (you will find that I am a notebook ADDICT), the each page was a day that I kept track of my daily schedule, my to-do each day, etc.

I’m just in love with the organizational aspect of this notebook!

Not only do I keep track of my time, but I can make my lists. And if I do not complete everything in one day, no sweat. I just move it to the next day. I plan out maybe 4-5 days in advance, that way I don’t get all backed up if I miss a day or they call me in to sub one day.

It helps as a stay-at-home mom with a business to keep track of my time, and what I need to do coming up. (This includes specific chores like washing bedsheets or cleaning out a certain closet).

Health & Stress

In staying focused each day, I will add that drinking water, eating healthy, and having some sort of physical activity is an important part of that! When I eat a bunch of junk, I feel tired and sluggish, and I just want to take a nap!

Part of staying focused, I also try to make sure my work area doesn’t get too messy. If I have to sit and stare at a mess while I have a big list of to do’s, well, that’s just going to stress me out more!

Speaking of stress, the biggest parts I want to point out that help me to not stress out about my days is: organization, my mind being clear and ready to think, and not holding myself to an impossible standard.

For me, I do need to push myself because I tend to want to be lazy, so I try to push myself a little, but I am also forgiving if I didn’t get the big list of to do’s done.


The last thing I do in staying organized and motivated each day, is I have a meal plan. I make this for 2 weeks. I plan my list of meals, then I make a grocery list. I shop for 2 weeks, then I have everything done and on hand for that 2 week period.

So I look at what we are having for dinner that day and I with prepare the day before (get out meat to thaw, etc) or at least make sure that everything is ready to throw together later that day.

Tonight we are having pizza and pizza casserole. I have the crust already made and in the freezer, and the casserole is just an easy throw together meal. So an hour before we need to eat, I will pull it all out, throw it together, bake and eat! If my schedule gets messed up, again, I don’t worry about it. I just move it to another day, or to the end of the list (depending on how much fresh food is in it).

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I hope this has helped you! The biggest thing I want you to remember is you CAN push yourself to be better, and you should. But also with that, you need to make sure you extend yourself a bit of grace. You aren’t perfect, I am not perfect. We are human and there is no human, and especially no mama’s like us who have it ALL together.

You got this! Make today an awesome day!

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