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Healthy Living: Our Food Journey

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I haven’t always been so strict on our diet. When I was a kid, a teen, and in college, I was not strict at all. When I got to college, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. When I got married, I pretty much did the same thing. Even though I loved snacking, I also did love a good salad. So I wasn’t a horrible eater, but also not the greatest.

Then I had my first child. And he started to eat real food. I fed him baby food out of the jars.  Then I fed him only the things he wanted to eat, which after a while was chicken nuggets and hot dogs… If I gave him anything else, he would cry and wouldn’t eat it. No matter how fun I made it look.

Then when his baby brother got old enough to eat (they are 15 months apart), I had been reading up on foods, and what was IN them, and what was healthy. It scared me that I had fed my son some of these foods for about a year, with not much else of nutritional value.

Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash

Long story short, I changed our diets. I couldn’t make 4 different people 4 different meals each night! (How I made my oldest son eat what we ate might be a story for another day!)

Fast forward after I had my 3rd son. I found out one horrible night that I was lactose intolerant. Well, to a degree. I can eat a little, but not large amounts, i.e. ice cream. So I took a lot of dairy out of our diets.

Fast forward again to 5 years ago. I have had gut issues for years at that point, so I decided to go gluten free. After eating GF for a while, I decided that it seemed to help a little, but I was too afraid to go back. Besides, gluten is an inflammatory. And there are a lot of inflammatory type diseases in my family so it definitely couldn’t hurt to stay GFree.

My husband always gave me a little bit of a hard time with my diet, but in a very complementary way… saying there was no way he could give up all of the things I had given up. He’d rather just eat how he wanted and deal with the consequences later…

About a year ago, my husband decided to start running again. He’s not as young as he used to be and he wanted to make sure he was around for a while. In deciding to run, he also started watching what he ate. (WHAT!?) I had been reading up on Keto diets, and I told him maybe he should look at it. It’s good for runners (and he has run some long distance races).

He looked into it and decided to go for it. He has since lost a significant amount of weight… I mean, I don’t know if he was even this thin in high school. But he loves it and feel great. And if I don’t say so myself, he looks great! 😉

Since then, even though my diet is pretty limited the way it is, I have been trying to feed all of the family on a lower carb diet. I modify some of our meals to allow my growing boys to get extra carbs in there, but overall, many of the meals are low carb.

I just want all of our family to be able to sit down and eat meals TOGETHER. And when I fix separate things, we don’t eat together. So we do low carb and I might add tortillas for the boys, or a side of potatoes, or noodles.

But it works for us, and the boys don’t complain TOO much.

We also try to eat organic when possible. Many people will argue that organic is no better than regular, just because it costs more. I will save that discussion for another day as well, but will just say I believe it is better for us to eat this way. And when the budget affords, I get the organic.

This way of eating has never been easy, and I have tried to evolve over the years to make sure I am giving my family the best fuel for their bodies.

I have 4 growing boys. They are very healthy as well. They don’t get sick much, and when they do, it seems to run it’s course quickly.

I’d say I’m doing alright!

Night out at an organic pizza place in Arizona…

Before you leave, I want to make sure it is said that our way is not the only way. Our way of eating should not be your way of eating. Before changing your diet significantly, you should check with a doctor or healthcare professional. I can’t and won’t tell you how to eat, nor give you suggestions on what you should eat. I will only share what we do as a family for our meals.

In the future, would you like to see some of our meals? There are a lot of topics within this post that I could talk about, and most likely will talk about in the future. I may even take you on a grocery shopping trip with me to show you HOW we shop and WHERE we shop.

Thanks for stopping by today, and make sure you subscribe before you leave so you know when I post again!


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