Friday, December 06, 2019
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Happy Sunday! Week in Review- 7/28

Happy Sunday, friends! I am so glad you stopped by to check out this blog week in review!

Happy Sunday! It’s already time for the week in review!! I cannot believe it is the end of July ALREADY! What a week! It has been a little different week this week. I didn’t get to a Friday blog post! For a few reasons… My husband was gone most of the week on different mini trips with my boys. I spent ONE WHOLE DAY (into the NIGHT) on a project for my business that was all for nothing… **insert crying noises here** …long story, so I will spare the details. And it was just a different, weird week.

So, decided to tell myself that it was OK that I didn’t create a post for Friday. And the world kept spinning. My family was fine. I was fine. And my numbers on my blog stayed level (numbers of visits and posts clicked into that I can see on the back end). Life really was ok! lol

But today, I want to get back to it. I miss writing and creating.

Week in Review

On Monday, I shared my top wardrobe essentials for summer. I went through all of my clothes and I figured out 5 different things that, for me, are some basics that I need for an essential summer wardrobe. Of course there are add-ons to these basics. But when I look at each day, these basics are the foundation of nearly every outfit I wear.

To check out this post, visit HERE.

you are enough Mother's Day

Then on Wednesday, I shared How to Travel with a Family without Spending a Fortune. Every year, we usually do SOMETHING with my family. Sometimes a larger vacation, sometimes it’s smaller. But if you go anywhere for a number of days, it’s going to cost you if you have a larger family than can fit in a typical hotel room. I share a few ways we actually travel and save money.

You can check out this post HERE.

In Closing

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Thanks again for stopping by. You all really make my day! Have an awesome week!

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