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ways I save money throughout the year
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Happy Tax Day! Ways I Save Money Through the Year

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Ways I Save Money Throughout the Year

Whether this tax season was a good one or bad one for you, I thought I’d share some ways that I save money throughout the year.

Some of these things I have done for YEARS, and some not as long, but all will save us money. Just a reminder, you do not have to do what I do. In fact, you may have a bunch of things to add to this list! Or you may not have time or patience for the things I am listing, and THAT’S OK! You do not have to do ANY of these things. I just wanted to share what we do, and if anyone would like to try or incorporate these into THEIR lives, great! If not, we can still be friends…. 😉

My husband’s profession is one of service, and you would never become wealthy doing his job. And since we started having children, I actually stayed home with them. We also homeschooled for many years.

So figuring our how to live on one income was a challenge I actually got excited about.

For many years, I clipped coupons, and it saved us TONS. We also lived on a mini farm and we raised animals. We had fresh eggs, and a garden to pull from. I hung clothes out on a clothesline in the summer (which helped our electric bill!). And I made most of our food from scratch.

Our lives have changed a little since then, but I am thankful for the reasons that I learned from that stage in our lives.

Today here are some things that we do to save money:


The first way I save on groceries is by shopping sales. I learned this way back in my coupon days. If your favorite spaghetti sauce is on sale for $2.00 and it is normally $2.50. Instead of one or two that you will need to get you by to the next shopping trip, buy 4! You spent $8 now but saved $2 in the long run! (Don’t think you have extra room to put extra groceries? Try a dark spot in your basement. A shelf in a closet somewhere. There is room, you just have to look at it as you are SAVING money!)

I use grocery store apps, when available. Using the store app will usually give you extra “perks” within the store. Either store coupons, dollar or percentages off of your total, and special saving on products. My Meijer app gives me all of those things, in addition they send me paper coupons in the mail of products that I regularly purchase from them.

I shop Aldi. Aldi is a store I have loved for over 18 years. And it has only got better. Now it has many organic and gluten free options that are better than I can purchase elsewhere. I can have a HEAPING cart at Aldi for $150 and a heaping cart at any other grocery store and the other store would add up over twice the amount, if not 3x’s the amount. My Aldi is about 35 minutes away, so not super close but I make a once a month trip there and it is WORTH IT. (I am not sponsored by Aldi but they can get ahold of me any time and we can work together 😉

The forth thing I do is MAKE my food. We do not eat much for processed foods. Most things I make will be whole foods, from scratch. Now, I am a realist, and I do have some boxes of macaroni and cheese, and a few frozen pizzas in my freezer (for the boys when I have not made them dinner and they need something quick), but overall we make our own food. Even my boys will fry an egg or put together some sort of leftover food concoction before they reach for the boxed foods. This definitely saves us money AND is much healthier for us!

And last thing I do is I use my Ibotta App. This is an app much like a grocery store app. You can go on and clip coupons. Then once you use them, the amount doesn’t come off your grocery total BUT is saved in an account for you to load onto a gift card or PayPal! For using my card for the last almost 6 months, I have just shy of $50! If you want, you can use my referral code and I believe you get $5 back once you use them for the first time (you shop and buy one of the products you have clipped)!

Ibotta app

Life Expenses

There are many things that we spend money on in life that can be unnecessary. And this is how we save money on those items:

Get rid of things or find a cheaper way around it. Cable or Satellite. We got rid of satellite tv within the last year, and just have Netflix and Roku. Several years ago, we got rid of all channels all together! We had internet for news and weather and that was all we really needed!

Same go for other subscriptions. There are cheaper options on most things. Have you looked at those?

I cut our hair. I cut all of my boys’ hair, my husband cuts his own (a bus-type cut) and I cut and color my own hair. This saves u slots of money. I never went to beauty school, but have just watched people cut hair and figured it out! Now this one isn’t for everyone! But it works for us!

We don’t eat out. This one is huge. I mean it’s not that we NEVER eat out, but seriously maybe once a month, twice tops! And this is how we’ve always done things. So my kids don’t miss it and neither do we. And we definitely DON’T DO FAST FOOD…

We do without. I know this is a foreign concept just because it’s not what society tells us we need to do! Society says “you want it, you buy it”. We say we want it, we will think about it… Do we have money to buy it? How badly do we need it? Is there a cheaper alternative without sacrificing quality? I have WANTED a new front door for my house ever since we moved into our home almost 4 years ago… I still have the old one. It functions. And money that we have gets better spent in other areas right now. Maybe someday! Am I deprived? Absolutely not!

We buy used. When we moved into our home almost 4 years ago, we bought a used front load washer and dryer because brand new will only last between 4-6 years. My husband suggested used because if we can get it to last 3-4 years, it will be money well spent. They’ve lasted almost 4 now!! I buy used clothing. You can see my post HERE about clothing I have bought that would have been too pricy for me to buy brand new, but great condition used, I can afford!

Saving Money

Saving money for your household will obviously depend on YOU! What can you do, what can you do without? How do you live? What is your income? What is your lifestyle?

There is no norm or standard. So don’t compare someone else’s situation to yours. Make a decision on your family only.

I hope I gave you some ideas or at least got you thinking HOW to save money!

I hope you have a great rest of your day, and we will see you again on Wednesday!

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