Monday, November 18, 2019
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Happy Sunday! Week in Review- 9/8

Happy Sunday, friends and welcome back to another week in review! Where we talk about posts from the week, and I give you links, just in case you missed them!

Hey there friends, and happy Sunday! I hope you weekend was a good one! Today is another week in review, where I share pins and chat a little bit about what my thoughts were behind my posts. I hope you enjoy these!

If you stay reading until the very end of this post, I do have something exciting to say at the very end, so please stick around!

This week was another busy week, with fall sports, work, and everything in between. I’m thankful that you had time to stop by today and check out these fun posts…

So here we go!

Week in Review

Monday was Labor Day, and I shared some of my most popular videos! These videos were popular in the amount of times watched and likes. So check out THIS POST, and you can see what you all watched the most from my channel! if you like one of them, LIKE it please!!

On Wednesday, I shared my August Favorites, or the items that I had been using and loving the most in the month of August. Keep in mind, I purchased all of the items mentioned in the post/video. and these are truly items that I’d recommend to anyone. Check out that post/video HERE!

Then on Friday, I shared a time-lapse of me Decorating for Fall! I absolutely LOVE Fall and COULD NOT WAIT to decorate for it. You can check out this short but sweet video HERE.

Thanks for Stopping By!

I’m so glad you stopped by today, it means a bunch that you take YOUR time to be here!

And before you go, I wanted to share that on Wednesday I have a super exciting announcement! Wednesday will be my business’s 1 year anniversary! Make sure you subscribe to the blog before you leave so you don’t miss what is coming up!!! 😀

See you again tomorrow!


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