Friday, December 06, 2019
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Happy Sunday! Week in Review- Graduation!

Happy Sunday everyone! For this week in review, we had some great posts that I hope you enjoyed. We also had a graduation this week! Stick around to hear all about that!

So in this week in review, not only did we have a great week of blog posts, we had the graduation of our oldest! When people say that time flies and they don’t know where their time with their son/daughter went, they are not being dramatic! The young years, while you have to clean up their EVERY MOVE, seems long and tough to get through. But when they hit those independent years, and they start going to school… the time seriously disappears!

So next week will be his graduation Open House. I’ve heard in some parts of the country, this isn’t a thing. So basically we are celebrating his graduation with an open house or a party! People will come share food with us, bring cards or congratulations, and just hang out for a time of celebration. We are getting projects done and hopefully get them all ready by the party!

On to the week in review!

On Monday was Memorial Day, so I decided to share the top blog posts so far! It was interesting for me to see as well, because it’s good to know what you all like and want to see. That is why it is so important for me to see “likes” for the posts. I don’t get anything out of people “liking” the posts, just knowledge of what people hopefully want to see in the future.

If you’d like to see what the top posts were, go HERE! And don’t forget to LIKE your favorites!

Wednesday I posted “How to Stay Positive in Trials”. This was something that I was remembering as I was faced with some trials the week before in having no electricity for almost 48 hours. No, it wasn’t life threatening but life shaking none the less.

So I just wanted to share how I stay positive when those unexpected life shakers happen. If you or a friend need to hear this, go HERE to see some of the things you should remember and think on.

Then on Friday was a fun day. I posted 10 clothing items, 17+ outfits. When I started out, I had heard of other people doing this, and it was 10 items, 10 outfits. And I wasn’t sure if that was even possible! So I got out my 10 items, and started taking pictures. I couldn’t believe it when I hit 17! And removing a jacket from a few of these would give you 3 weeks of outfit options!

I’m sure many of you have similar basic items in your closet as I have used in this post, so I hope this is helpful in helping you stretch your wardrobe a little further than you thought you could! Check out this post HERE!

Thanks for joining us!

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