Monday, November 18, 2019
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Happy Sunday- Week in Review 9/1

Happy Sunday! Welcome back to This Nest Living and another week in review, where we review the week of posts so you can see what you may have missed!

Happy Sunday, friends! This week in Northern Indiana was a week that I could REALLY start to feel the change in temperatures. It’s almost Fall! As I think I’ve mentioned before, I am excited for Fall because I love the changing of leaves, wearing sweaters, fires in the wood stove, more coffee throughout the day, burning more candles, and more! BUT than I remember that Winter is quickly on the heals of Fall around here and I just don’t like that part! We,, before I head down too many more bunny trails with that subject, we better get into the Week in Review!!

This Week in Review

This Week was a week of some new things that I hope you all liked! Check them out…

Monday was National Dog Day. I have 2 pups and I just love them so very much, so in order to, again, get a chance to know me, I thought I’d share about my 2 Dobermans! They have definitely been different from each other, but fun none the less. Check out the post I shared about them HERE.

Then on Wednesday, I shared something I recently did, and that was that I cut my own hair… I mean, not just a trim! We are talking 2-3 inches! To find out how and why, check out the post where I share all about it HERE.

And on Friday, I shared a popular post topic- 1 Item worn 5 different ways. I shared how to wear jeans. Yeah, seems like an easy topic, right? Well, I went from casual to dressy with my jeans! It’s amazing how easy it can be when you just have some basics in your closet that can cover a wide range of outfit choices. Check out this post with lots of pictures HERE!

In Closing

I hope you all enjoyed this week in review! Like I share each week, I sure do appreciate you being here, and if you would LIKE the posts that you like the most? This helps me know which direction to take when I write my posts or film videos.

It’s disappointing to me when I write a post and readership is low with no likes, but even more so if readership is high with no likes! So, IF you liked any, please let me know!! You all are the BEST!

Well, I hope you are having an amazing weekend, and if you are in the States, I hope you have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!! See You all again Monday!


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