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Happy Sunday- Week in Review- 8/4

Happy Sunday, friends! And thanks for stopping by again for this week in review! See what all happened this week!

Happy Sunday! Welcome to this week in review! This week has been all over the place. Ever have one of those? My grandmother passed away this week, but I also got a lot of studying and work done. My husband is working a lot this next week, but that also means I have the opportunity to get caught up on a lot as well.

So, there’s nothing I can do about the negative, I can only make sure the positive outweighs it!

So lets jump in and see what we had this week in review!

Week in Review

Monday I posted a fashion post Secret: You Don’t Have to Follow the Trends, Nor Should You WANT To. In this post I talk about how trends maybe aren’t worth your money. And even if they are, you don’t have to feel like you need to buy into them just because they are “trendy”. Many women (and men) feel like they need to, or want to keep up with the fashion trends. But I’m here to share why you don’t need to!

Check out that post HERE!

Then on Wednesday I share How to Be Absolutely Happy Today. There is no magic formula for this. But I do share some things that you can work on to make sure that, even when bad things happen, you are prepared to fight that funk.

Check out that post HERE.

And last but not least, Friday I shared This is Me, and introduction to who I am! This is a video where I go through and tell you over 30 things about myself. I did this not because I love to do videos or love to talk about myself (because that couldn’t be further from the truth) but so you all who invest your time in reading my posts each week can get to know me and who I am a little bit better!

You can check that post out HERE!

In Closing

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed our week here and will stop back for more great posts. Check us out also on Instagram where I try to post daily or NEARLY everyday.

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