Monday, November 18, 2019
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Happy Sunday- Week in Review- 8/25

Happy Sunday, friends! And welcome back to another week in review- where I share quick links and a small description to all of the posts that I posted this week, just in case you happened to miss them!

Happy Sunday, and what a beautiful day it is… it is beginning to feel like Fall, which makes me both happy and sad. Happy because Fall is one of my 3 favorite seasons (lol), I love the colors, the food, the FEEL of Fall… I don’t like that after Fall comes Winter… If you’ve been here a while, you know this girl needs warm weather! But to keep this train moving, thanks for stopping by this week in review! Check out all of the posts we created for this week!

And before we start, if no one has happened to tell you what a blessing you are, I will! You are a blessing!! I appreciate you checking out what I have to say, and spending your valuable here with me.

Week in Review

On Monday, I posted on where to shop and how to save money on food and clothing. If you didn’t already check this post out, I shared exactly what it says, where to shop to get the most bang for your buck and how to save money while shopping for those things. I have been shopping for my family for 20 years, and while things I do have evolved, one thing hasn’t, I want it easy!! I don’t want to spend hours to save a few dollars! So I share HERE where I get the biggest bang for my buck! Check it out!

Then on Wednesday, I share a very important post I titled “What is Beauty?”. If you haven’t read this, please do me a favor and GO READ IT. It is important to not only see the flawed way that society views beauty but how we need to change out mindset to view what beauty really is. Whether you believe it or not, YOU are beautiful! YES YOU ARE! Please ready this post, and share with those who you feel might benefit from it as well. Check that out HERE.

And last but certainly not least, Friday I posted TRANSITIONING YOUR WARDROBE FROM SUMMER TO FALL: MY RECOMMENDATIONS. In this post, I share 5 items that you probably already have that will help transition your Summer outfit to a Fall one. This especially comes in handy when the day is warm and the evening are cool, and you don’t have a change to do an outfit change in between. Check out these EASY staples HERE.

In Closing

If you enjoyed any of these post, please make sure to LIKE them! It helps me out a lot, and shows me what kinds of posts you all want to see more of! If there is a topic you’d like to see me write or do a video about, please share that as well.

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your weekend, and we will see you again tomorrow!!! 🙂

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