Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Happy Sunday! Week in Review- 8/11

Happy Sunday, everyone! And thank you for stopping by This Nest Living mom blog for another week in review!

Happy Sunday, friends! I think this was literally my busiest week of the summer! But I’m so glad you stopped by for this week in review, because it always makes my day to see that you all have been pickin’ up what I’m putting down… 😉

This week was full of fun posts I hope you all enjoyed. If you haven’t got to read them all yet, check them out below!

This Week in Review

On Monday’s post, I shared How to Keep Organized for Back to School. These are things I do in my home that have worked well for us. Not everything that I do will work for everyone but I hope you find some of my suggestions helpful! The suggestions I make have served us well!

If you’d like to check out how we keep organized for back to school, go HERE.

On Wednesday’s post I shared my mom approved July favorites… these are items that I have purchased myself (no gifts!) and I have found myself loving and reaching for during the entire month of July (and many before that!). There are some links for items so you can find them as well. And as always, if you have any questions about ANY of the items that I have shared, PLEASE let me know! I’d love to answer them!

Check out this post HERE.

Then on Friday, I shared how to elevate ANY outfit with accessories you probably already have. I wanted to show you that some of those pieces that you may hardly use, or are just sitting in a drawer somewhere MAY actually make your next basic outfit stand out! I am a very BASIC dresser. The thing that can elevate ANY of my outfits is the accessories.

You can check out this post HERE.

In Closing

As always, I appreciate you stopping by! I hope you enjoyed these posts. I you did, please let me know by LIKING the post!

And if you want to follow on Instagram (where I post most days), you can follow me HERE.

We will see you again tomorrow for another fun post!!

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