Monday, November 18, 2019
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Happy Sunday! Week in Review- 6/30

Welcome back, happy Sunday, and thanks for stopping by for another week in review!

Happy Sunday everyone!! Can you believe it’s almost July!? This summer seems to have flown by, probably mostly thanks to the rainy, cool weather that we have had. But I THINK the warm weather is finally here to stay! YAY!!! And today you stopped by on a great day! Today we share our blog week in review!

This week was another fun week (do I ALWAYS say this?)! And I enjoyed sharing a look into our lives, with a wide range of posts this week!

Here is the week in review!

Monday I shared what I do for my business, with a CLOSER look than I have ever given into it. I share what products, items, etc I use and a look behind the scenes of my Etsy shop, Amazon shop, and more. One year ago (tomorrow) I quit my job to work from home. And I’m excited to keep developing this business into something that helps provide for my family, especially as we start to send some of my babies to college!

If you’d like to check this post out, to see some of the things I sell, and to support my business, go to Monday’s post HERE.

On Wednesday was a fun video or something I’ve never tried before. I walked through and videoed an antique barn. It’s one that isn’t too far from where I live and a favorite for me to go to. On the outside, it appears to be full of junk BUT wandering through the aisles, if you look closely, you can find treasure! This particular place is Amish owned and they do not want to be in pictures, so I tried to honor that by doing the video in a time-lapse manner and keeping the camera at a low angle.

I hope you enjoy it! TO check it out, go HERE.

Then last but not least, Friday’s blog post was packing for vacation! My family and I are currently on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. We rented a cabin and it is equipped with a washer and dryer. We will be there a week and be doing a lot of hiking.

Check out what I packed for the trip HERE.

Again, happy Sunday, and thanks for stopping by to check out this blog week in review!!

Before you leave, don’t forget, you can be following me on Instagram all week to see what we are doing on our vacation!

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