Monday, November 18, 2019
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Happy Sunday- Week in Review 4/28

Happy Sunday, friends! Today’s post is all about sharing a review of the posts from the blog this week. Keep reading to see everything we talked about!

Before I share the posts and links, I just wanted to make sure I thank you all for stopping by! This week has been a strange week as I keep track of people stopping by the blog, because my Pinterest account has been suspended and I was trying to figure out what’s going on. Numbers of people who usually visit from there, obviously can’t because I have no page there as of the time being. So if you try to check out my Pinterest, I am working on getting it back, as soon as I can figure out why it was suspended!

But I mention all of that, BECAUSE I just wanted to make sure you all know that despite all of that, the visitors to my blog have stayed up. And I just wanted to. make sure you all know that I really do appreciate you! It’s not all about numbers, but it is. I blog because I enjoy it, BUT I get ENCOURAGED by YOU ALL! So THANK YOU!!!!

Now on to the Posts!

Monday was Earth Day and I decided to share some info on what some of the worst toxins in your house are and what you can do to get rid of them. It’s not something that can happen overnight, but it can be a gradual change. I named several ways that I and my family are getting rid of some of these things, and we will continue to try to keep these things out of our home, when we can. Check out this blog post HERE.

On Wednesday I shared a video of things that are in my makeup bag, or actually what I would keep in my makeup bag if I used one! These are the items that I use daily, and love!I shared what I use on a day at home, and if I am subbing or going to church or a meeting. Check this video out HERE.

And on Friday I shared what I wore everyday for a month! This was a hard project, but a good one! First, it was difficult trying to get a picture of myself each day. But it was also a challenge to wear something different each day. And not different as in I have to have a ton of clothes to have a different outfit each day, but working on different clothing combinations so my wardrobe can stretch further with fewer items. In the end, I learned a lot from my experience! You can see what all I wore for a month HERE.

To keep up with what I do during the week, you can also check me out on Instagram HERE! I post almost everyday!

Thanks again for stopping by the blog. Before you leave, please make sure that you subscribe! This will help you get notified when I post each week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!).

I hope you have an amazing week and we will see you all tomorrow!

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