Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Happy Sunday! Week in Review 3/17

Hey there friends! This week was a full week! We talked a lot about home, but I also was posting each day on Instagram! Here is the week in review!

So if you missed the Instagram posts, I try to cross post everything… I am on several social media platforms. Make sure you follow! HERE is my Instagram! Last week I posted an OOTD or an Outfit of the day each weekday to motivate you mamas out there to get dressed! This always helps me to feel more awake and ready to take on a day, even when I work from home!

Monday on the blog, I gave a home tour! I showed you the main living areas of my home- Living room, kitchen and dining room. All shown in pictures! If you didn’t get to see that, go HERE! Yep, don’t let that time where everything was clean go in vain! Check it out! lol 😉

On Wednesday I showed you My Boys’ Chore List to show you how they contribute to our family! We talked about how kids can be helpers and contribute to things in the home, and it’s not a punishment! Besides it’s great to have more help around the house! To see how I handle the chore list, go HERE.

Then on Friday, I put up a Speed Clean with Me video! I had come home from sunny Florida, and I was ready for SPRING at home! So I decided to do a speed clean and put away all of my winter decor. It’s a time-lapse video so it takes less than 2 minutes! To watch that, go HERE.

Well, I hope your week was great and your weekend was better! Make sure you subscribe to this blog, and visit us on social media! We have another great week of content coming up! We will see you then!

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