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Happy Sunday! This Week in Review- 9/29

Happy Sunday and welcome back to This Nest Living! Today, as we do every Sunday, we will share the posts from week, as we do a short review for each! Check them out!

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Happy Sunday, friends!! Today we are doing this week in review, where we share links to all of the week’s posts and talk a bit about them. So if you missed anything, it’s super easy to catch up!

I hope your week was a good one! Mine was busy, but it was different than usual. Instead of being all things I HAD to do, it was sprinkled with things I also WANTED to do… 😉 It was a good week.

Well, without further ado, let’s get to this week in review!

This Week in Review

This week, you may have read or seen that I only had 2 posts instead of 3. This was on purpose and hopefully you saw that I may do this for a little while. Of course I don’t like it, it doesn’t feel natural to me… I feel like I am not creating enough content! lol I did like the extra time it created for me, but honestly I felt like the week was laking in content… Let me know how you felt the week went!

On Monday was the first day of Fall! I have been waiting for this day for WEEKS! I have been buying long sleeved items in preparation, and so excited to see the Fall colors and to decorate. And now it is all here and I’m so excited! If you didn’t already check out this post, I shared several posts that I have written in preparation for Fall. There is a lot of great content in there, so if you haven’t got a chance to check it out yet, go do that HERE! Hopefully it will give you all sorts of Fall inspiration!!

Then on Friday, I shared a come thrifting with me video! Oh my goodness. My new revamped hobby is thrift store shopping. Revamped, because I’ve done this for YEARS, but it’s like when I finally went shopping again and realized how many items I could get to fill a need in my wardrobe, I was beyond hooked. So in THIS VIDEO I shared a recent trip and what I purchased that day! Check it out!!!

FabFitFun Notification- You’ll Want to See This!

OK, you all KNOW how much I love my FabFitFun boxes (I have an unboxing coming up!), but I had to share this information with you all, if you have EVER considered purchasing box and trying it out. The boxes are now 50% off! Yeah. They are typically $49.99 but are now half that! $25!!!!! Seriously!!! Over $2-300 worth of beauty items (that are seriously so good). If you’d like to give this a go, check out the link HERE. You do not have to commit to anything and can cancel at any time (I thought I’d cancel after the first box but they are just TOO GOOD). This deal is only good through October 14th, 2019. So do not delay!!! Seriously! And watch coming up for my latest FabFitFun unboxing!

In Closing

Thanks so much for stopping by today! And Happy National Coffee Day, y’all!!! Make sure you LIKE any posts that you’d love to see more of! And until next time, have a great rest of your weekend!!

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