Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Happy Fall! Getting in the Fall Mood!

Happy Fall everyone!!! Welcome back to This Nest Living! And today we are getting in the Fall mood! Join us!

Happy Fall! Getting in the Fall Mood
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

When thinking about what would be the best post to make on the first day of Fall, I would think of an idea, and then remember I had already sone something similar… So today’s post will be making a compilation of posts that I shared my Fall excitement!! lol Happy Fall, people! Join me for getting in the Fall mood!!!

Happy Fall!

I seriously am so happy it’s Fall. You all know I don’t like the Winter (which, I know, comes next) but the Fall… well, it’s always been a favorite! And THIS Fall has been a particularly exciting one… I don’t know why, it’s just been fun to plan through my decorations and clothing… and even thinking about food!!! (Ps- my birthday is also in the Fall… )

In starting to plan for your Fall clothing, you need to make sure you have some great staples to start with. What are wardrobe staples? How can I add these things without spending too much? Check out this post on Fall Wardrobe staples. It will help you get what you may need, and to maybe even FIND that you already have many of them in your closet already!

And do you like time-lapse clean with me videos? Well, I have one but it’s a decorating for Fall video… short and sweet. But you can see what all I had in storage to use to decorate my own house. Since then, I have purchased a few other things, but mostly just hordes of pumpkins for the outside…lol Check out THIS VIDEO as I decorate for fall!

In getting all of those great new sweaters out, or finding some great deals on new items for the cooler weather, you need to make sure you have room in your closet! I do a cleanup and switch over each Spring and Fall. So check out my Fall Closet Cleanout HERE.

Then the last but not least thing I’d like to share is some of my new Fall favorites that I found recently while thrifting! It’s seriously a beautiful thing when you can find some amazing items for your wardrobe, in great shape, and you pay only a few dollars for them… This will make me happy any day! Check out some of my recent finds HERE.


Thank you to you all who entered the giveaway recently! Winners will be contacted today! If you didn’t get a chance to enter, you can still check out my Etsy shop here, and get in on the Free Shipping while it lasts!

In Closing

Happy Fall!!! Thanks for doing me today as we are all getting in the Fall mood! Today, I know I will be wearing one of my new(ish) sweaters to celebrate!

Have a great day! And we will see you again soon!!!!

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