Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Get Ready for Spring with FLOWERS!

Where I live (in Indiana) it is too cold for anything to grow outside yet. But inside, it is still nice an warm. And as I am definitely suffering with some Spring fever, I will just have to start decorating for Spring INSIDE… with flowers.

Now how do I get the flowers to keep with the ‘personality’ of our house? Well, don’t think that you have to keep with a traditional vase. You can use just about use any decor item in your house as a ‘vase’. If it doesn’t hold water (such as a wooden box or flour sifter), no problem!  Just Add a glass jar or plastic container INSIDE to hold water!


Then just add flowers!

Don’t forget to look at those old dishes as well. Tea cups and tea pots, pitchers, drinking glasses, gobblets, old mason jars, buckets (make sure there are no holes!), etc are already waterproof, and ready to go. A few ideas of items you may have to add a jar or container to hold water- rusty buckets, any type of metal container, antique spice containers, wooden boxes, flour sifters, etc.

The only limit is your imagination!

Here are a few beautiful examples (Click on the picture to go to the source):

simple home decor, mason jars, fresh flowers


Jeanne d'Arc Living - French style with Nordic palette


bucket arrangements flowers | Another use of the Flower Water Bucket. You can put only fresh flowers ...


Delphiniums, viburnum, stocks, euphorbia, sweet williams - Rebel Rebel


lilacs ... love the smell of these spring flowers

Do you have any good ideas yet? For more ideas, go to my Pinterest page HERE.  Spring is just around the corner! 🙂 Happy decorating!

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