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Finding Value in Pre-Owned Clothing

When I was young, I actually loved getting clothes from family friends. They were usually nicer than we could afford, and I remember having a few trendier pieces because they were given to me! Years later, I still enjoy a look around Goodwill or Salvation Army or even Ebay. There is a lot I’m not interested in, but every now and then you find that diamond in the rough…

Besides it actually being trendy now to Upcycle clothing, it’s just financially smart! Why would you not consider buying a like new item, well made, at a fraction of the cost that it would have been a year or 2 earlier on the rack?

My favorite place right now to go is Ebay. It’s like when I used to go to Goodwill or Salvation Army, but I can do it from the comfort of my couch.

The last few things that I purchased from Ebay were these preowned blazers, and shoes. All Ralph Lauren.

value in pre-owned clothes, upcycle

Buying from Ebay (or an similar online store)

If you are buying pre-owned items from Ebay, just first check and make sure that the seller has good reviews. I never buy anything from a person that doesn’t have 100%.

Second, make sure you look CLOSELY at the pictures. And if you think you see something in one of the pictures (a mark, stain, etc), ask them for an additional picture of that area. If they are a good seller, they will gladly send you more pictures.

Third, make sure you can see pictures of the tags or stamping on the item. On clothing, make sure you can see they tag. Also helpful is to see the clothing pictured with a measuring tape, showing how long the arms, waist, etc are. Or to be able to see the info in shoes (usually stamped somewhere in the shoe).

For shoes, seeing pictures of the sole of the shoes, and the toe is helpful. These are places that get wear quickest.

Never buy something right away. “Watch”” it first. Make sure it sits in the cart or on your path list and you look around. This helps from making any bad decisions. It also insures that you do not overpay/ I have placed something in my watch list and then found something similar that I liked better. It was in better shape, cheaper and I definitely liked it better.

And something overall helpful is to make sure that you don’t just go browsing without having an idea of what exactly you want to buy. Like I specifically went looking for a pair of brown loafers. I looked and waited until I found the perfect pair.

I also own clothes GIVEN to me…

Every once in a while when my sisters or I go through our closets, we let the other sisters go through our stuff to see if there is anything they may want. Luckily several of us are close in size, close enough that we can make it work, and have some new-to-us clothes!

Here is one of my favorite button up shirts that I got from a sister:

Value in Pre-Owned

There is definitely value in pre-owned. Especially quality items.

So if you are going for the minimalist or capsule closet, I would consider also looking for those perfect, unique items. These are also great for when you show up to a social function or meeting, that another person won’t also be wearing what you are!

Do you own Pre-Owned Clothing?

Let me know where you go it in the comments! I know ThredUp is also popular and would love to hear how it has worked for you. OR if you purchased somewhere not mentioned here! I’d love to hear about it!

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