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Favorite Things- May 2017

Things here in Indiana are starting to green up, continuing to bloom, and people are beginning to thaw out from the seemingly long winter months. And as we thaw out, that means we are starting to get out and about to Flea Markets, Antique shows, garage sales, and more.

Each month I will share a few things with you that are my favorite things. And these are my favorite things for May!

First, one item that I have been thinking about everyday for a month is my new home diffuser from Youth Living. I have loved using essential oils for about 4 years. I started when I got a bad chest cold, and a deep cough (without being pneumonia). I went to a after hours medical clinic, and shared with the doctor that I wasn’t a huge fan of taking medicines, only when absolutely necessary. She told me to go to the local health food store and get some Eucalyptus oil, and put it in a vaporizer especially at night while I slept. After having my cold for a month, a few nights with that vaporizer and eucalyptus oil, I started to FINALLY feel better. From that time on, I tried to find out more about oils, and also bought from friends when they’d have an oil party.  It wasn’t until a little over a month ago that I made a commitment to a company. That company was Young Living, a great company with great growing and extraction processes, producing a Grade A (organic, pure, no carrier oils) oil. I ordered a starter kit (which contains 11 of their top oils AND a diffuser, along with several other great items). The issue that I wanted to resolve right away was that I had so much trouble falling asleep at night!  So as soon as I got my diffuser, I added lavender (which I’m not a huge fan of the smell) and purification (because I did actually really like the smell). I diffused that, and the first night I fell asleep much more quickly. I tried it on subsequent nights and it had the same affect. I was hooked! If you are curious about Young Living oils and/or the starter kit with diffuser, you can go HERE on the Young Living site. You can also message me with your questions. I, though, have used this EVERY night. I’m a girl that NEEDS her beauty sleep! Can I get an AMEN!?

Another thing that I am loving right now, are old wooden boxes. I have bought so many of these in the last few months to sell, but to be honest, I’d love to keep them all! Each has character. Each a different size and shape. Each could serve a different purpose. Of course my husband might think I’m a bit nutty if I brought all of those boxes home to use! I recently bought a small box and there was nothing really special about it, except it’s size. And I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with it!  I painted it and put it in the bathroom. I have needed something for storage, because I was lining up everything on my counter top. Meaning my counter was continually messy looking. Now it sits beside my sink and holds my oils, vitamins, and a few other items I use daily. And just looks pretty!


There are more ways to use boxes however. LOTS more ways. I will list some ways here but will be doing a post soon with pictures on how to use them. Until then, you can use boxes for any of the following and more: decoration, to hold items you use often in your bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, laundry room, etc, to hold and contain magazines or books in your living room or office, to display items on a runner down the center of your dining room table, to hold blankets in your living room or bedroom, to hold toys, to sit by your front door to hold people’s purses, baby bags, or other items that tend to lay on the ground when you have people over, and many, MANY more ways… Boxes can be anywhere from $10 to $50 typically. Depending on the size, condition, and what is printed (if anything) on it. The possibilities of using wooden boxes are only limited by your imagination!


And last but not least, since it IS getting to be so nice outside, I am thinking about how I need to decorate my outdoor areas so that they are not only beautiful but functional. I have a covered front porch and am in need of a nice, little place to sit and drink my coffee in the morning, or to go, out of the sun, to read a book, or even to blog. I’ve been trying to think of what type of table and chairs could fit there. And I walk through home & garden centers and there are many different options. But my favorite? Oldies are goodies… That’s right, go with something old! I have two options posted below:

If you are wanting to put a wooden table out in the elements (sun, rain, etc), you will want to make sure that you cover it with a good polyurethane. This will make for a cleaner surface but also offer full protection from the things that will ruin it.  If it’s under a porch, you can still polyurethane it, but it’s not as necessary. The two tables above are both beauties in their own ways. The one on the left, we pressure sprayed and sanded the top a little, and the one on the right I painted with a chalk paint (just on the top) and polyurethaned the entire thing. Both would be a beautiful addition to a porch or deck. Match these up with some old metal chairs repainted with some spray paint in one of your favorite colors, or even mismatched wooden chairs. Either would give you a beautifully rustic, yet finished and clean outdoor area.

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