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Favorite Things- June 2017

After a busy week so far, I wanted to make sure I get this post out this week, as promised! I have several things in the making right now, including possible videos (eeek!) and some special things for people who Subscribe to This Nest via email!

So without further adieu!


First thing I wanted to share this month is Fab Fit Fun. You’ve probably seen about every celebrity advertising this on Facebook. And this isn’t meant to be an annoying advertisement, BUT I am just a regular gal. I work part time, I have 4 kids. I drive a minivan. I also pay for my own kits. And each time I get a kit (I’ve received 2 so far- with the 3rd coming this month), I call up my sisters, I call up my mom and show them everything that I got. I seriously use everything in them. Some things more than others, but EVERYTHING! The great thing about this products too is that you can repurchase most all of the products again through their site. I have a few things that I have almost used all of that I will be purchasing again. And they give you good prices on them too! The great thing I’ve also seen is a lot of these are made in the USA, or they are sourced to help out some great organizations. Many are also natural, organic, or made free from many of the chemicals we all hate. If you are interested in checking out Fab Fit Fun, check out MY LINK HERE that will give you $10 off your first box (Usually $49.99 a box every 4 months- or $179.99 for a full year paid up front). I will also get a credit also if you order through my link. Then if you LOVE it (like I do!), you can also refer friends and receive discounts! You can also quit at any time, you are not locked into anything. I’ve read some complaints and a lot of positive reviews, and to completely honest, I’ve had nothing but positive things to say about the service and the products! Check em out!


Second thing I love, and you MAY think I am completely crazy because of the weather, but I love my BrewMaster BrewStation Coffee Maker! I am getting nothing from Hamilton Beach for posting this, I just LOVE this coffee maker! Everyone who comes to my home and uses it for the first time is a little confused by it, because there is no visible “pot”, it has one (kinda) but it’s internal. This helps to keep the coffee HOT for up to 4 hours after brewing! It’s like the best of a few different types of coffee makers. You brew the coffee. It stays hot inside the maker. When you want coffee, you press your cup up against the release in the front (see the silver/gray thing on the front of the maker?). You fill it how much you want to fill it, then pull the cup away. And tah-da! HOT coffee! I’ve had friends purchase this coffee maker after trying ours! GO check it out HERE. I have the Summit. Enjoy!


And can I just say for my last favorite thing- it’s kind of a combo of two really great things. After a (seemingly) long winter, I just love hanging out outside on my porch or by the pool and enjoying the sunshine. It’s nice to be able to thaw out after winter! Then to be able to go INSIDE when it gets a little too warm and you can cool off in the A/C, Central Air, or just the shade in your own relaxing, beautiful home…

Have a wonderful rest of your week! And if you haven’t already, subscribe to our emails! Emails will get you exclusive content in the near future! 🙂


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