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Favorite Things

Favorite Things- April 2017

Every month, I will be sharing what my favorite things are for the home, inside and out. Some may be trending, some may be my staple favorites useful for the month or season. Either way, I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do!

This old tin chicken nesting box is great place to display any of your special items. This sits above my coffee bar.

My first favorite thing for April is an old favorite- tin. I am starting out with this gem because in Indiana (where I live) things are starting to bloom, soon we will be planting those annuals all around our gardens. And TIN is a beautiful decoration, a wonderful alternative to those plastic, funky colored planters that many plants come in from the greenhouse. You can find tin readily and easily available at flea markets across the nation. You can find them at garage sales, old barn sales, estate sales… I’ve even found tin items on the sides of a country road! Don’t be afraid to pick these beauties up!

This tin bucket is a comfy home for my avocado tree that I’ve been growing for about 3 years. My dog loves it also 🙂

Tin is not expensive generally, but there are some containers made from tin that can go up in price- such as old livestock/ chicken feeders, chicken nesting boxes, etc. But SOMETIMES you can still find great deals on them.

This old chicken feeder is a great place to plant flowering annuals each year. (It’s still April in Indiana, so my flowers will need to wait a few more weeks).

If you are going to use them as a planter, make sure you take an old ice pick or screw driver and punch some small holes in the bottom. Not large enough to lose dirt but large enough to drain access water in case of over watering or a rain shower. I usually then put a few rocks in the bottom of the container (to help keep dirt from falling through the bottom and to help fill the container quicker without using a bunch of potting soil). Then I use a good quality potting soil. If you are planting and using for indoor plants, there is a potting soil mix for that! Using outdoors? There is a potting soil mix for that also! Just read the bag. It will usually say right on the front.  Then plant those lovely flowers and plants!

When you have a collection of items that are similar color, add a copper colored item to draw your eye in.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m usually a silver girl, and have been for years (and years), but the new copper trend is something I’m kind of loving! The looks remind me of not gold but almost a rose gold in appearance. With more, well, copper. Copper COLORED pieces can be added almost as a color accent would be in your decor. If you have a lot of one color, add a copper painted glass bottle and now you have a beautiful focal point.

This found jar (found in someone’s trash pile in the woods) was cleaned up and given some copper paint. It now sits beautifully with some more rustic items.

You can also find REAL copper items. Costs will vary BUT can get pretty high depending on how large the item is. My recommendation stick with copper colored items. Costs will be significantly lower. And still very pretty!

This old perfume bottle was painted copper colored, as well as the pine cones. They make a lovely display!

And last,  but definitely not least, staying with the metal theme- Milk Cans. These are super old, even retro… Your grandma may have had some of these for decoration. I love them because they are rusty gold, so to speak… My husband and I bought 2 at a garage sale a couple years ago and I use them every year to set my flowers/ plants on outside. My husband was walking around in the woods, and he found another milk can for our collection! This are great to create a layered look to decor outside.

This old milk can will be a lovely stand for some flowers this summer.

If you are afraid of them being TOO rusty, you can always give them a good coat of clear finish (these come in spray can form and can be SOOOO easy to apply).

Another milk can, rusty and beautiful.

Well, that’s it for this month. I hope you enjoyed my Favorite Things for April. What are some of your favorite decor items?




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