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Chemical Free Household Cleaners, Natural Home
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My 7 Favorite Natural Cleaners for a Chemical Free Home- Healthy Living

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When my oldest boys were very little, I started to learn about chemicals in the home and how much they can have a negative effect on your health. Today we are discussing my 7 Favorite Chemical Free Household Cleaners!

Chemicals are substances that have been prepared or produced artificially. And we don’t know what can happen if we mix them accidentally whole cleaning a tough stain. Results can be bad! Most of us aren’t chemists and don’t know what can happen when we mix things.

So I SURELY do not want my children to get ahold of these things! Since they were little (around 3-4 years old) they have helped me clean. Back then (10-14 years ago) there weren’t a lot of natural cleaners available on the market. Especially in rural Indiana.

My List of Favorite Cleaners

Vinegar & Water

Cleaning in a chemical free home- natural living

So I made one of my favorite cleaners still to this day- Vinegar and water. And boys am I glad this was my cleaner of choice! As many of you already know I have 4 boys- and you think the spray bottle always reached it’s household target? It didn’t. It has been sprayed in the eyes of a brother, their own mouths… yes, I am SURE glad I didn’t have other chemical filled cleaners around for them to use!

That’s not to say that many of the natural or chemical free cleaners should be sprayed in the eyes. But I do want to suggest that if you are having children “help” you with cleaning, you may want to start with this. It’s a wonderful cleaner, and it also has a natural disinfectant because of the vinegar.

If you want to kick it up a notch, you can add a natural dish soap (a few drops), and this helps make it even more versatile!

Method All Purpose Wipes

My boys all help with the cleaning. Everyday. In fact, we have a chore chart that they each have 2-3 chore they are in charge of on a rotating schedule. They are responsible for things from clearing the table to washing dishes to feeding certain animals. They are also in charge of cleaning their own bathrooms. The main bath is shared by my younger 2 and the basement bath is shared by my older 2. So on a rotating basis, they are cleaning up their own messes! Of course I check them, but they overall do pretty well.

THIS is one product that helps with easy cleanup. These Method wipes smell good (but not overpowering at all) and they are easy to use. And I don’t have to be afraid of them not cleaning good enough. Used to only find one type of a natural cleaning wipe, and I won’t say the name, but the smell was horrible. My boys would use them but I almost couldn’t stand the smell of them. I am so glad we found these! I get them from Grove HERE, but you also may be able to find them at your local grocery. If you order from Grove, use my link HERE and you can get a free 5 piece set of products (these are FULL SIZED) on your first order.

Disinfectant Spray

Chemical free cleaning, natural home

‘Tis the season for colds and flu! I was so excited to find this spray from Seventh Generation, because it could replace those other spray disinfectants that I’ve had to spray all around my house in the past. And it works! There have been many times that someone with a nasty cold has come over and coughing the entire time. When they leave, I wipe down all of my surfaces with my cleaners but I also spray things like my couches and doorhandles that aren’t as easy to wipe down. And we won’t get sick!

The smell is also pleasant, even though I’m not a huge lavender fan, this smell isn’t bad. They have other scents now (I purchased mine last year).

I also buy this from Grove, but you may be able to find it at your local grocery. This is one that my grocery DOESN’T carry, but maybe yours will! You can find it HERE. Again if you order from Grove use my code HERE and you can get 5 free FULL SIZED products.

Method Wood Floor Cleaner

Chemical Free Home Cleaners, Natural Living

I LOVE THIS CLEANER!!!!!!!!! I seriously love everything about this. This cleans my wood floors well, and the smell is wonderful! It IS a smell that lingers a little bit longer but it is such a clean smell, I just love it! It doesn’t leave a high gloss on your floors so you don’t have to be afraid of slipping because it’s TOO polished.

I usually use this with a microfiber mop. Even when my dog got into the trash and chocolate cake and ice cream were dried onto the paper plates and stuck to the floor, it came right off! I peeled the plates off, sprayed it down and let it sit for less than a minute and it all wiped right off!

I get this cleaner also from Grove HERE.

Norwex Microfiber Window Polishing Cloth

I took the plunge and invested in using less paper towels with this window polishing cloth. And it works great! You only need to add a little water and wipe! I use this to clean up puppy mud prints on my sliding glass door, puppy nose prints on my windows, but the most important to me is it cleans my Stainless Steel appliances like a dream! If you are looking for a magic solution to those constant fingerprints on your refrigerator, without getting rid of your family, this truly is the next best thing.

I seriously use this DAILY. This purple cloth has a towel drying rack of her own in my laundry room. I also only wash it once every 2-3 weeks because it is antimicrobial! And when I wash it, I know I can hand wash it or boil it with only water and it’s good to go!

You can get this cloth from a Norwex consultant or HERE (Amazon)

Chemical free household cleaners, natural home

There are several favorite multi surface cleaners that I have, but right now this one is number 1! The difference? The scent! If you love lilacs, this smells EXACTLY like them! And while it is still winter here in Indiana, I am longing for the smells of spring! They have many great scents, this just happens to be my current obsession!

As a cleaner, Mrs Meyer’s cleaners are excellent! I have used them on. my laminate counters, in bathrooms, on wood floors, and painted wood cabinets. All with great results!

You might be able to find these in your grocery store, but I get mine from Grove HERE. This is a seasonal scent, and it is not showing it on Grove at the moment.

Good Ol’ Water

Chemical free household cleaners, Natural Living

Yep, water is my last favorite cleaner of choice. When in doubt, use water. I you think you need a little more of a punch, boil the water.

I use this to clean carpet stains, wipe messes on furniture, clean glass (along with my microfiber) and more. Don’t underestimate it’s power! It’s also VERY kid friendly!

You can find this in your faucets in your home… 🙂 (This glass bottle is also from Grove, I got it free with a purchase. You can find it HERE.)

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed my current favorite chemical free cleaners! I am a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning, so the results of the cleaning products I use must be top of the line. And it is HUGE that we now have access to such cleaners. Especially when we can just click a few buttons and have them sent straight to our homes.

Thank you for taking time to stop by today! You are appreciated! If you have any questions on anything I mentioned today or anything else that I might use, feel free to ask!

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