Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Fav Finds- How to Make a Unique Outside Entrance Rug

Time for some more Fav Finds! Where I come across great ideas and share them with you- my people!

Watch next week for Favorite Things for June, where I will pick several things that I  happen to absolutely love this month! 

Today though I came across this little idea that can EASILY add some personality to your home! I actually have a rug like this that I bought with “hello” already on it. I bought it last year when it was marked down at Meijer. This year though, it had faded quite a bit. Instead of leaving it faded (antiqued?🤔), I decided to take a paint pen and to darken it back up.

You can do virtually the same thing on a plain rug. Take a fun saying (like ‘come back with tacos’- so cute!!), and either free hand (if you are crafty), stencil, or stamp on the letters. You can use an all purpose (weather proof/all surface) paint from the craft paint section OR a paint pen that has the same staying power. Then when it starts to fade, well just freshen it up with a little more paint!
Super cute, super full of personality, and it can be uniquely you!

You can find this idea and others like it under the DIY section of my NEW Pinterest page HERE.

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