Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Decorating with Old Window Frames

Old window frames are one of my FAVORITE things to decorate with. Especially as a wall hanging. They add just enough decoration to be beautiful, but not too overwhelming as a wall hanging. My design style is country/industrial/rustic with a touch a modern for the clean/ simple look of it (that’s why I don’t think ANYONE’S design style can be wrong, as long as THEY love it). The following are pictures from my own home (and are not all of the frames I have displayed). You can see there are MANY ways to use an old window frame in your decor.

This is a window screen with a bunch of chipped paint.
This is an old window frame with a tiny bit of chipped paint, garland, and a sign.
This is a frame that has no paint. It leans up against the wall on top of this old cabinet. Decorated with a star made of vine. 

As you can see, you can hang them or prop the up against the wall of a table/hutch/on the floor. You can get window frames without glass, with glass, or even with screen in it. They all have a unique look. Some are painted, chipped paint, or paint free. Some need nothing more than a nail to hang on. Some can be the background for a sign, garland, or other hanging decor items. You can even hang your calendar or pictures on them. There are no wrong answers here!

I have been many places where window frames (because they have been popular for many years now) are pricey. Unless you can’t live without a frame that you found, DON’T dish out a bunch of cash. I’ve found them free (at a recycling center/ junk yard), super cheap (at flea markets or garage sales), and super expensive at many places selling decor items.

Have fun with all of the possibilities that window frames give you. Do you currently use them in your decor? If you do, please share how you use them!


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