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My Life with Boys Stay at Home Mom

A Day in My Life- Behind the Scenes in a Boy Mom’s Life

I am a work from home mom, with my own business that I run from home. 1-2 times a week I substitute teach. I help manage my home, along with my hard working husband. And I have 4 boys! Life is busy and this is a look behind the scenes at a typical day.

Now I don’t take selfies all the time. It’s not in my nature to take pictures of myself. Not even when I set an alarm on my phone… So my intention with this post was to take a picture every hour in one typical day… BUT as you can guess, I didn’t.

Instead I will show you multiple pictures from different days, that I actually THOUGHT about getting a picture. And these should be enough to share what a typical day behind the “pretty blog posts” looks like.

My Day

A rare look at the girl behind the mask… lol. Also, yes, I wear a lot of gray.

My day usually starts at 7am. If I am working from home that day, I still get up, get dressed, and do my makeup. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I get dressed (usually in jeans and top) because it helps me feel like I am ready for the day- Not like I could easily climb back into bed. (There’s nothing wrong with that life, I’ve been there before!) And I also do my makeup. On typical mornings it may take 15 minutes, just enough to cover my not so great skin and to feel like if someone else saw me that day, they wouldn’t think I was sick (yeah, I have one of those faces I guess…. ).

My coffee and my water. My Yeti travel mug can be found HERE.

I will also start my day by drinking a large cup of ice water. Taking my vitamins. Then coffee. Of course. Always coffee.

This is my baby boy, who I share lots of early morning car rides with… <3

I drive my youngest to school around 8am. Then drive home and eat breakfast- which is right now a gluten free granola cereal from Aldi with Organic Almond milk, also from Aldi. After this is done, I start my work!

In July of last year, I quit my job as a secretary and started a business from home. I have always been a creative, love home design and decorating, love drawing and writing. So I started an Etsy shop, at that time, designing and selling t-shirts. You’ve probably seen me in some of my designs. You can see my Etsy shop HERE. Then in January I started making and selling Journals on Amazon. You can check those out HERE.

I also obviously blog. As a blogger, this can be a pretty big job in of itself. So I spend time each day, either writing, or posting, and promoting on social media. I also spend a lot of time promoting my business on social media as well.

It’s hard to explain to people what you do all day when you work from home. I mean I stick a load of laundry in occasionally. I may get the sweeper out. But generally I get very little housework done, and when I do, it’s when I need some sort of a brain break from my work… Anyone else?

Sometimes the dogs make a bigger mess with their toys than my boys do… 😉

Somewhere in all of this computer time, I eat lunch. Either a salad or meat and cheese of some sort (we eat in a more Keto direction). But I try not to stop working because I only get about 5-5.5 hours of uninterrupted work during the day.

Then I go pick my son up from school, and start to think about dinner. I try to keep a schedule of what we will be eating each night but I have been spending too many days subbing, which puts me behind on my home business, which then puts me behind on my organization of things like meal planning. So sometimes we just fly by the seat of our pants…

Working for yourself means sometimes working day into night.

Evenings swing between absolutely nothing going on (in which depending on the week, I try to put some more work time in) to being gone all night. We are active in our church and our older boys have jobs that they work. We try to have sit down dinners at home. And we don’t eat fast food, like ever. So if we aren’t sitting down at home eating, it’s a grab and go meal whenever they get a chance to walk through the kitchen.

My boys do their chores, which helps distribute the amount of work needed to be done by one or two people (see my post on their chore chart HERE).

And bedtime for me is usually around 11-ish…

Life with boys means lots of Nerf guns…

My Work Life

I LOVE working from home, but it is not without it’s challenges. So anyone that posts their “11 EASY Steps to Starting and Thriving with a Blog”, or “Fool Proof Businesses to Make Money from Home” are liars. It takes lots of hard work, and lots of time. My husband is luckily very supportive of what I do, which gives me the motivation to keep working hard to make this work.

So behind the scenes, behind what you maybe can’t see of bloggers like myself is we are still just moms also. So in nearly every post, I tell you all how appreciative I am that you’ve stopped by or that you follow my blog or follow me on one of my social media accounts. Because I DO appreciate you.

Your likes and comments help move me forward. I just wanted to make sure that I added that today, because behind the scenes, I need to see people visiting, liking and commenting. And I need to see sales for my businesses. I am a mom trying to send my son to college, trying to raise my boys, trying to keep a happy household, trying make time for these projects that I love. So thank you!

Thanks for Stopping By!

Well, that was a typical day in my life. I hope you enjoyed today’s post! And Happy April!!

Sarah @ This Nest
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