Friday, December 06, 2019
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Closet Clean Out Video!

Join me as I work on this closet clean out. In this video I am taking out my Winter items and packing them away so I just have the Spring/ Summer items that I need.

Closet Clean Out Summer Closet Wardrobe Video

This closet clean out was pretty darn easy. I had went through and did a closet clean out a few month ago, where I got rid of a bunch of items I no longer wear or that no long fit me. I will almost always donate these items to a local food and clothes pantry.

So this year, all I had to to for my clean out was to pull some things off of hanger and off of shelves and put it in a tote!

I will usually add a dryer sheet to the tote, because I like to think that it helps with the smell when you go to get things back out. If the smell was too horrible, I know I could seal them up in sealable bag, but it really isn’t too bad.

So without further ado, here is my closet clean out video!

I appreciate you all stopping by today and watching! Don’t forget I post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday!

This is a big week in that it is a countdown for my son’s graduation party. So you can keep up with what we are doing on Instagram as well!

Have an amazing week!


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