Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Closet Clean Out for Fall/ Winter! Video

Welcome back to This Nest Living! Today I am doing a closet clean out for my fall/ winter wardrobe! Stick around and check out this video!

We are bouncing back and forth between summer and fall, currently in northern Indiana. So it’s a little difficult, but I have been ITCHING to do a closet clean out for Fall and Winter, so here it is a video of the clean out!

When cleaning out my closet, I want to make sure, ABSOLUTELY SURE, that I will never want the item again. So sometimes I store it for a season, then when I pull it back out of the storage box the following season, I usually know if I will wear it at all. So if you are struggling with the whole “does it bring me joy” thing, try this. It’s more realistic to those who can’t or don’t want to just go out and purchase all of the things that ‘bring us joy’.

Also, when storing clothing, I use plastic tubs. I make sure everything is clean (duh!) then I also throw a dryer sheet in with everything. This helps ensure when I open it back up in 6 months, things will still be clean and SMELLING fresh as well.

In Closing

Thank you all for stopping by today and watching my closet clean out! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, please give it a LIKE? This helps me know what posts you all want in the future!!

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Have a great week everyone, and we will see you back here again on Wednesday!


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