Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Clean, Healthy Home- Keeping an Eye on Cleaners We Use in Our Home

Here are a few ways we have tried to keep our home cleaning healthy, by keeping an eye on all of those products we bring into our home.

Years ago, when I started learning about what different foods did to our bodies. I also started to learn what different products like cleaners and body products, also did to our bodies. And unfortunately, with everything, the more natural it is, the more expensive it is.

So with our foods, I made sure to buy the “Clean 15” and stay away from the “Dirty Dozen” (see the link HERE for more info on that). I did this because I just couldn’t (and still can’t) afford to buy all organic.


Same with my cleaners. I have to pick and choose what products I buy that are natural/ organic. I look at things like those we put in our mouths (i.e. toothpaste), and things like deodorant (because it is a huge component in breast cancer). I also know how certain cleaners put off a heavy chemical smell. These can linger in your home and are NOT good for you.


 I am not a professional at any of this. I am just a mama that has done a little homework on this subject. I would love to call myself a crunchy mom, but really I’m just a scrunchy mom (a mixture of a modern mom and an all natural mom). So I encourage you to do the same, if you haven’t already!

I am lucky enough to have a great grocery store chain close to me (Meijer) that carries a lot of natural and organic products. But I have found a company that sells these products online that are very comparable in price, sometimes cheaper! And if you refer a friend, or you order a certain amount, you earn  free products as well!


You may have already heard of them- they are Grove Collaborative.

I have been using them for OVER a year now, and I have loved every product that I’ve got from them. I am a VIP (which I pay a little extra for each year) and I get a monthly order from them. But getting a monthly order doesn’t mean I spend a ton. I actually usually keep my orders below $20 each month. Because that is what works for our budget! And I usually get 4-5 great products in this price range… and sometimes free products!

Would You Like To Check Them Out?

If you are interested in checking out Grove, click HERE. You can get a 5 piece gift set FREE on your first order! And these aren’t trial size things, these are FULL SIZE PRODUCTS!

Questions? Feel free to ask. Like I said, I’ve used them for over a year, and I do have stories to back up why they are so great (full sized products, great packaging, quick delivery, replace products quickly if needed, etc).

If you have ever wondered about how safe cleaners are for you or your family, do some searching around, and then look at alternatives.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to do everything at once. Just a few things here and there. Something is better than nothing!

Would you like to see what my favorites from Grove are? Let me know! And if you currently use Grove Collaborative, let me know which product is your favorite!

Grove link HERE

**I am not an affiliate of Grove, nor am I getting anything for this post from them. However IF anyone makes a purchase through my link, I will get a $10 credit for the order! Everyone who orders from Grove and refers a friend gets the same thing. So go share this with a friend!

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