Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sweet Mama, You ARE Enough!

It is the day after Mother’s Day. So now what? The hope that surrounds the day is sometimes a letdown. Sometimes the day though can be more than you hoped. So now, the day after, when we aren’t celebrated, are we enough? Are we doing to get lulled into mediocracy again… daily rituals, when no one seems to notice?

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Encouragement My Life with Boys Tips & Tricks

Planning for a Large Gathering- My Son’s Graduation Party! Video!

I am currently planning and preparing for my high school senior son’s graduation party /Open House. This will be a large gathering of family and friends. Most people will be totally stressed out in planning something like this, but today I will give you some tips via video on how I am getting ready for that big day!

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Encouragement Favorite Things

Inspirational “Famous” People I’d Love to Talk To

Celebrities and what they do with their lives aren’t something that I really care to keep track of. Yeah, there are some cool people, or good actors, but what they do with their lives doesn’t really interest me a whole lot. But there are a few inspirational people I would absolutely love to sit down and talk with.

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