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Blogging- My First 3 Months- Thoughts

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It’s been 3 months since I dedicated my time to blogging. So how has it been? What does the first 3 months of blogging look like? Well, it’s not what was expected but there is hope…

Towards the end of 2018, I started to feel the pull of blogging again. I had a blog YEARS ago, when my boys were much younger. And I had actually started this current blog at the beginning of 2017, but as most people do when you are so small, I lost motivation.

Blogging the first 3 months

It’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t see instant growth. We are in a society that gives us instant gratification. Drive-thru. Internet. Buy today, receive tomorrow.

And it is NOT the same when you try to build something of value. A house takes time. A fine piece of jewelry takes time.

So my thoughts on how my blog is doing after 3 months?

I’m pleased.

I started this blog because first and foremost, I love to write. I love to express things through writing because in life, my words don’t flow as freely from my mouth. Really, I love the creative outlet it gives me. I love that I can incorporate my businesses with it.

But in the end, I hope to make a good go at it, and make money to help pay for my oldest son to go to college.

Of course I would love to start making money on all of my projects INSTANTLY, but that’s just not how things work.

As of right now, I have made $0 on this blog.

And blogging now is not like it was 8-10 years ago when I blogged. Things are so much more technical. I had a blogspot site, and it wasn’t hard at all to start and maintain. These days to make money you have to PAY money.

One thing that I know helped tremendously was a blogging course that I took through Farmhouse on Boone. I may do a review on it at some point, but in the course “Create Your Blog Dream“, Lisa explains many thing IN DEPTH that I just couldn’t find information on anywhere else. I mean I was doing searches, EVERYWHERE, and just couldn’t find the info I needed to monetize in the very beginning (before you have a thousand followers), or to improve your SEO. It just wasn’t to be found without paying for it!

So I watched all of the videos (and there were a LOT!), and learned and implemented what I could and/or needed to for my blog.

Since then I have been steadily growing. Thanks to all of you stopping by!

My goals for the next 3 months? I’d like to double in numbers if not triple. I’d love to start posting things that I can see you all like the most (based on numbers of views and number of like and comments). I also want to make sure I bring more quality content and pictures. Maybe do more videos if that is something you all want. Or maybe buy a camera for better photos (although this may have to wait until I actually make money- lol).

Blogging though takes commitment. It takes consistency. And it takes time. Lots of time.

Overall, I am going to keep plugging away. Like I said, I love to write so I will continue to blog! Because my goal of helping send my son to college is important! The time it takes, I am willing to spend. And my wonderful husband is backing me up.

I’m in it for the long haul!

quality time with my son, vacation, sending him to college

As I know I have said before, but want to make sure I say again, THANK YOU. Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my content. I appreciate all of you!

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Have an amazing weekend! See you again Sunday!

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