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Blog Course Review- Create Your Blog Dream

I purchased this course on my own, being a follower of Farmhouse on Boone for a little while. I was at my wits end trying to figure out the ‘backend’ of my blog, and would have to pay someone a lot of money or spend hours and hours and hours of research. So I decided to try this course.

And boy, am I glad I did. I don’t know how other courses are made, but I am going to share today some of my personal thought on this course and why I think it was worth the money!!

My Issues with Trying to Get Things Done On My Own

My first issue with trying to do my blog on my own was that I had no idea how to improve my searchability, or my SEO. I did all kinds of searches on how to improve it myself, and I ended up finding all kinds of people wanting me to pay them for help or to buy an app, or program. Ugh.

The second issue was that I had no clue how to make money from ads. I actually HAD ads on my site, but it kept saying no one saw them and I was making $0 from them… hmmmm. Didn’t seem right. But in all of my searching, I couldn’t figure this one out either!

Third issue was in looking from the ‘back end’ of my blog, I kept seeing all of these options of things to do, like widgets and such, but had no clue what I even needed! What would even be remotely beneficial to me to have?

And last that I will talk about here, but definitely not the last issue, was how was I going to plan, create content, and draw people in? I thought I had done an ok job, without many results.

I Bought the Program!

Yep, spent the money. I bought the Create Your Blog Dream course from Farmhouse on Boone. And it’s difficult to justify it because to be honest, I wasn’t exactly making ANY money from my blog. So am I going to make enough to eventually justify it?

After prayer, and much consideration about it, I took the leap. I knew Lisa and Farmhouse on Boone for a while, and knew how well things were going for her. I knew her sincerity came from a place of “this is what I’ve done, and I think you can learn from this” not from “I want to make money off of you however I can”.

So I did it, I invested in my blog.

Watching and Writing

So, I began to watch every video. I am a work from home mom, I run my business that I started. So I had time to pour through video after video after video. I was hungry to figure out what I needed to shift the momentum into a positive direction!

Some of the time, I just wrote in my notebook all of the things I wanted to remember. Sometimes I actually had my blog open on one side of my screen and the video on the other, playing as I changed things around.

But I did just about everything that I felt applied to my blog.

Lisa’s easy to follow instructions and advise really made it a breeze to follow and begin to plug things in.

Her videos and worksheets were easy, relaxed, and very well articulated.

In the end, I felt like I had overcome so many of the major issues I had with my blog. The SEO, the ads, and the entire backend was discussed. Lisa shared all of the things that she does, and why she suggests them.

Immediately after starting to plug in her suggestions, I saw a difference in ads, I saw more people visiting the blog, and I felt the blog overall had improved!

You could easily complete these videos in 2 weeks, if you are able to pour over them. Or you can take your time, and watch them when you can.

Beyond the Videos

So, beyond being able to access the videos at all times and for however long you need to watch them, there is even the great community of bloggers who have also purchased the course on Facebook.

I have personally went on this page (that is private and only for those who have purchased the program) and asked a bunch of questions. Each time, the community of bloggers on there are so helpful! Many more seasoned, some just know what they have gone through, and are still very helpful. Lisa, the creator, is also on there assisting when she can as well.

I love that it is a safe community of bloggers and no one is trying to sell stuff to other people or no one is going to rip you off by giving bad advise. I’m so glad to be a part of it!

In Closing

I would totally purchase this program again. I actually thought about running through the videos again sometime in the near future now that I’ve got a little more experience.

I’ve been working with the improved blog for probably about 3 months now and I have seen increased traffic, I have had more subscribers, and I have seen improvements in how I view my blog as well, and create content.

Like I said, I purchased this program, and as of right now, Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone has no idea that I am writing this review. So I am getting nothing from this. I am just a mom who wants to improve my business and blog, and I have received so much help from this program.

If you would like to check out this program for yourself, You can check it out HERE. And the Farmhouse on Boone blog HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, you truly are a blessing to me! I post each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, so hit the subscribe button, and we will see you again soon!


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