Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Beauty in the Mess- Keeping Things Pretty, Even When You are Under Construction

So, as you may or may not have read in a previous post, we moved into our latest home at the end of last summer. It was actually the most “finished” home we have ever moved into! It had trim, it had all of the fixtures, plus extras! But there are some things we wanted to improve upon, and some things that we just wanted to do to make it our own.

Now that it is finally feeling like Spring in Indiana, we were itching to get outside and conquer some of those outside projects. The front walkway was wooden, almost like decking but it wasn’t in good shape. We wanted to pour a concrete sidewalk, and maybe trim it with some some sort of brick or decorative block. There were some overgrown flower beds we wanted to clean up and some to remove completely, railing on the front porch that needed some work, or completely removed, and my husband is an aspiring lumber jack, so he saw lots of clean up he could do along the woods behind our house.

All of this wasn’t necessary, but again we just wanted to improve and add our own touch.

So Mother’s Day was approaching, and I was hosting my husband’s family for lunch and my family for dinner. I asked my husband if he could have our new sidewalk completed by then. I was hoping to be rid of the old wood and have a nice, smooth, safe walkway. We got to the weekend of Mother’s Day. I had my Barn Sale and so I wasn’t home part of the weekend. But it got to be the day before and there was no chance of getting the sidewalk done. I was slightly perturbed, but instead of just leaving the mess and apologizing it away with our visitors, I decided to make it pretty, even in the mess.

I went to our local greenhouse and bought flowers, a bunch of flowers, and some ferns. I wanted ferns for my porch. I brought home a wooden table that I had been eyeing at my barn. I also grabbed onto a set of 3 hooks that my father-in-law had made.

I hung up my ferns, I brought my table to the porch, decorated it, hung up my hooks, and planted my flowers.


And even though there was no pretty sidewalk, even though some of the flower beds are still in need of attention, even though the front is obviously still under construction- I was happy. It was progress. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a work in progress.


On Mother’s Day, I was able to relax and have fun with family. I was able to look at what we had done with pride. And be thankful that God has given us the ability and the love of working on things like this. So where ever you are in your construction, or projects, even if it isn’t perfect, add some joy. If it’s an outdoor project, put flowers in planters that can easily be moved, instead of being trampled on in case they get in the way. Put some decor out, you can always take it down if it gets in the way. If it’s indoor, same thing. Add plants, flowers, decor. You don’t have to necessarily put things on the walls if you can’t, or put things up permanently, but you can bring things in and set them up temporarily. If you have end tables, side tables, etc, you can set them against a wall and lean an old window frame, a mirror, or picture against the wall from on top of the table. You can bring in a large plant. All things to make bare walls not so noticeable.

Moral of this, you CAN bring beauty to the mess! You CAN accept where you are in the work you are doing, and be proud of how far you have come. After everyone left on Mother’s Day, I was able to kick back in my new hammock that my boys got me, and thank God for all of the blessings of the day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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