Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Back to Basics: Wood, White, and Metal

When I say back to basics, I want to share a life experience with how I decorate. And how SOMEHOW those two always meet, for me anyways.

First, I know I’ve said this several times, but I do work part time, as well as raise a family. So blogging, writing, talking to you all, and expressing it all through creativity is my dream! Well, life has kept me from doing those things I love, from celebrating those that I love.

I stopped writing last summer/fall well, because my phone went on the fritz… I had just recorded a video (all on my phone because that’s what I’ve got), and the phone literally went loco. I was so bummed. It was the last straw in my busy life, the thing that took the wind out of my sails. It was football season and 3 out of 4 of my boys play. Meanwhile, the other plays soccer at this time also.  It was busy. Then to hosting Thanksgiving. And Christmas (which I do absolutely love!). A first time away on a weeks vacation with JUST the hubby since we’ve had kids. Then a birthday party for my sweet grandpa who just turned 88.

I’ve prayed a LOT the last few months also- what am I doing? What am I SUPPOSED to be doing? Do I have to go through my life doing things that I have to do, then having no time for this things that fill up the heart tank?

This past weekend, I somehow scratched my eye. And you don’t realize what you have with your sight until you struggle to be able to use it. I’ve had hours of time with my eyes closed to reflect on these past months… I need to get back to basics. I’ve known this for months. But it didn’t soak in until this weekend. By the grace of God, I need to get back to being the person I was created to be. Loving on those who are in my life. Using my gifts. And figure out how prioritize all the ‘have to’s’.

Basics. Fundamental. Simple.


Before pic of my dark dining room

While I still try to figure that out, I’ve known I wanted that for my home for a while now. So a few months ago, I started with a room that has never been my favorite. My dining room. It’s always seems dark. And all of my antique treasures have almost made it easy to overlook rather than a stopping spot to admire.

I asked my husband to make a shiplap wall for me. I wanted to paint it white to brighten the grey/taupe walls. He and my #2 son got to work.

My son helping put up the shiplap
Husband checking it twice, cutting it once…. usually

I primed with Killz, then painted the already very pretty pine white. But I am thinking I’d like to go further! Paint all of my walls white? Hmmmm….

For now, I’ve stopped with one wall, but as the weather starts to warm up in Indiana (if it ever does!), I think I will be pulling out the painting materials!

Husband putting up the brackets for my shelving. I used masking tape to show him exactly where I wanted everything. I am a perfectionist, he is not.

Until then, I had some rough-sawn wood boards, and had my son cut one for shelves. I painted some L-brackets black and left the screws to show their beautiful, silver color. I have a wonderfully old Hoosier cabinet that looks perfect next to these little touches. I can’t wait to extend this to the rest of the house…

Finished shelves, and wall with decor

I hope for all of you that your home be a constant reflection of who you are… not just what you feel obligated to hang or guilted into displaying. Enjoy your home. Enjoy your family. Make a wonderful life!

Much brighter, much cleaner, MUCH BETTER!
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  1. Love this article and your new dining room! I totally agree about how we spend our time. Making time for the good stuff might be challenging but so worth it!

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