Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A Little More Behind the Scenes

So, I am currently sitting in the sunshine with my computer. Soaking in some Vitamin D. I’m from Indiana, and winter wasn’t too harsh but it always seems too long. I figured today I would share with you a little about myself and why in the world you would want to follow “This Nest”…

My name is Sarah. I’m a Christian. I’m a wife to an amazing husband, who encourages me on my crazy ideas. And a mother to 4 boys. Yep, 4. 16-9 years old. I work part time as a secretary, I homeschool my 9 year old (he gets to come to work with me!), and I keep pretty busy the rest of the time just trying to fill the wife/ mom roll.

I went to college for Art, Drawing to be exact. I never used any of my schooling to obtain a job, because I moved home and got married before I graduated. Then I became a mother. And the rest became history…

Art has always been a passion. I love design. I love to watch those clothing design shows, home improvement shows. I have painted and drawn a little on the side. It has never left me.

Now my kids are a little older, I have been getting back into the things I have always loved. Design, creating, making.

My husband and I, since our first house, have remodeled every home we have been in. We have lived in 5 homes in 17 years and worked on every single one of them. And by working on, I don’t mean hiring out the work, I mean demo, rebuild, remodel. My husband is an extremely hard worker, and I am creative. My boys help a lot, and all know a little about doing a job themselves. In having 5 homes, we’ve also helped remodel and flip some homes too. It’s a great time to get to (kind of) work with my husband (because he like the getting his hands dirty part, and I’m not so much). But it works!

In this blog, as I share with you trends, ideas, repurpose, redo, decor, etc, I also want to share with you my personal journey in projects we are doing. We are living in house #5, we moved here August 2016. It’s a great house (and the most “finished we ever bought), but we still have projects to make it our own, to make it the style we want it to be. Hope you enjoy watching our journey as well.

Before I close, I want to thank you for reading. I really do appreciate it, and have LOADS more to share, show, and talk about. Make sure to follow this blog via email or on WordPress.

Me and my boys, along with some good friends (the 2 on the right) posing for a funny picture to win Chip Gaine’s old farm hat (Magnolia, Fixer Upper). No, I don’t wear that shirt all of the time, but yes, I do wear it a lot… 😉 And yes, we won the hat…
Sarah @ This Nest
<p>Wife, mom to 4 sons... This is my life with boys! Working on being a better person, healthy, happy, and helpful. Join me as I strive to be the best person I can be!</p> <p>Loves- My family, cooking, farmhouse, being creative, healthy home, healthy living, clean living, being a scrunchy mom, business owner, stay at home mom, entrepreneur, cleaning, organizing, minimalism</p>

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