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5 Ways to Wear 1 Item- Jeans, How to Wear from Casual to Dressy

Today is another 5 Ways to Wear 1 Item topic, and we are discussing JEANS. And how to wear them from casual (which we all probably know) to dressy.

Welcome back to This Nest Living! Today we are doing another 5 ways to wear 1 item (for the other ones I have done, check THIS LINK). Today we are talking JEANS! I know, we all know how to wear jeans BUT do we realize HOW VERSATILE they can be? Today we are going to be talking about not only how to wear them casually (which I don’t think we need much help on) to dressing them up, wearing them in situations where we need to be a little dressier.

Before we go any further into this, I want to make sure to encourage you to look into your own closet for the items, or similar items, that I will be talking about here. You do not have to go out and purchase all new items to get a look that you like. First, shop your own closet. Second, look second hand (thrift stores, eBay, etc). Then, before you spend money on brand new, make sure it’s something that you definitely need. And not because someone else says it’s what you should wear, but because you can see it being a staple in your closet for years to come.

Now, let’s get into the looks!

5 Ways to Wear Jeans

Now, jeans are easy to wear. It’s what to wear WITH them, when you want to look a little nicer, that can become problematic. Here are my thoughts on how to address that…

The first, and most obvious way you could wear your jeans is with a t-shirt. I have shown you how to wear a graphic t-shirt HERE. And also a white t-shirt HERE. So, you know I love me some t-shirt wearin’. But the point I want to make here is that you don’t have to look like you haven’t TRIED to look good when you throw on a t-shirt and jeans. What helps this is when you make sure what you wear with it helps make it look dressier. Like Accessories, and/or a jacket.

The second way to wear jeans is with a feminine top. This top I have on in the picture is a lace top that I’ve had for almost 2 years, and love because you can pair it with just about anything and it makes your outfit look more put together. Even with jeans!

5 Ways to Wear Jeans- Patterned Top

Third way to wear your jeans is with a patterned top… Now There are probably some crazy tools out there that you could choose that wouldn’t make your jeans look good at all, but the few things I am going to suggest are more classic patterns. Such as stripes, animal print, or poke dots. These will help elevate the look of jeans without doing much at all!

5 ways to wear Jeans- Cardigan

My forth suggestion, is to wear a cardigan or sweater. And to make it look ‘next level’ I’d suggest making it a more feminine cardigan/sweater or something not super large on you. I love a large sweater more than most, but it won’t help you look more put together.

5 ways to Wear Jeans- Blazer

And last but not least, is a blazer. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you won’t be surprised by this one. (Also, please excuse how this blazer photographed. My camera isn’t the best so this is what I get… :() But when you wear a blazer with jeans, it is one of my favorite dressy looks to do. And depending on what accessories you pair it with, it can look really classic and beautiful.

In Closing

Like I said earlier, don’t feel like you have to have exact outfits that you see here, but similar items will work great! Check your closet, check the Goodwill, Check eBay… The only items that I purchased new in this post, were my jeans. I recently got them from GAP (on sale!). I also bought my white t-shirt new from GAP (on sale), and the lace top as well (from Cabi, on sale). The rest were all second hand! And the most I spent on any of those was $12.23! (I just looked that up on Ebay, and I can’t believe I paid so little for one of my favorite clothing pieces!!)

So be encouraged today to feel like you can ‘dress up’ those jeans! If you live in jeans, like I do, it’s easy to find items that will dress it up more.

Well, thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope this information was helpful! If you liked 5 Ways to Wear Jeans, please make sure you LIKE this before you leave!! Have a lovely weekend, friends!!!

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