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40 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 40

I came across a few posts like this but wanted to do my own 40 things you should do before you turn 40!

Just so you know, I am currently 42 years old. And I wanted to create a list for anyone not yet 40 (maybe 30? Maybe 20?) that would appreciate MY version of the things I think a younger woman should do before she turns 40.

Here we go!

  1. Get Married. Getting married is the best thing you can do for yourself. You find your best friend in life, you make vows to your best friend to be together until death do you part, and you get to DO LIFE with this person! I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s been one of the top things I am thankful for!
  2. Work on Self-Improvement. And I am talking at this point from an educational standpoint. Take college classes, or schooling online. Become a better version of yourself.
  3. Buy a House. Buying a house is a way of putting down roots, being a “responsible” adult, and making a place on this earth your very own.
  4. Renovate a house. House renovation is such a tough thing, it’s hard work! But when you’ve completed the work, what you’ve done is an awesome expression of you!
  5. Own some animals. I’ve always said, if it weren’t for my husband, I’d probably be some sort of animal hoarder. I just love them. Owning an animal (dog, cat, turtle, cow, chicken, etc) is an amazing way to show love and nurturing to something that needs you. And if you have kids, it’s a great way to learn responsibility for another life.
  6. Start a business. This can be a little “side hustle” or a full time business. But whatever you do, do something you love. Invest in it (not just money, but time and effort). Watch it grow. If you don’t have lot of money to invest at first, start small!
  7. Love on your family. As you start to get older, you realize that you start to lose more an more people you love. This is life. But what we need to make sure we do, is love on our family and make memories with them while we can.
  8. Go on a mission trip. I went on my first mission trip in my mid 30’s. And it’s absolutely amazing that the view of the world you get through books and social media, isn’t always 100% accurate. Going on mission trip, you get to see the raw side of humanity, and you will absolutely be blessed by it.
  9. Go AWAY on a Vacation. There are several people that I know that never went on vacations as kids OR adults. They’d visit family who were local, and maybe even do fun things locally, but never WENT ANYWHERE! So GO! Go on a vacation, MAKE MEMORIES!

10. Have Children/ Adopt/ Invest in Children. The most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life is raised children. Investing in the lives of children is amazing. Raising small helpless humans to become productive, caring adults is the most amazing and rewarding job you can have.

11. Pursue a Hobby. It’s hard if you have kids (not impossible though!), but to pursue a hobby is something you can keep with you wherever you go. And for a long span of time. Develop one early in life, and you will have it when the kids are all grown.

12. Invest in your Marriage. This means from day 1, you need to be putting in the footwork and making this thing successful. Because someday you won’t have the distractions in life that you do in this early years, and all that will be left are you and him. Invest in him. You are both worth it.

13. Volunteer. You can volunteer in your church, your community, schools, etc. Just volunteer. Get off your tooshy and do something selfless for someone else. Not for praise, but for the simple fact of helping someone who can’t help themselves.

14. Move. I’m talking homes. I’m talking, you live in one house, you need to move to another house at some point. This is not a necessity, of course. I recommend this BECAUSE moving actually keeps clutter down, and it helps to show you that you can establish a home ANYWHERE. And maybe get to live in some pretty cool places!

15. Go for that Promotion. Sometimes (if you work outside the home) we get stuck in art, because it is familiar. Don’t get stuck. Push yourself to be better (see #2!). You can do it!!

16. Keep a Garden. Whether it be flowers or fruits and veggies, grow plants. Outside. In soil. It’s a skill for sure, but it’s satisfy, and it’s something you can be proud of!

17. Do Something Beautiful Each Day. This all depends on the person, but especially for mamas, we can feel like we get put on the back burner. Spending little time each day doing something beautiful will help ground us. (I was reminded of this one from a friend)

18. Forgive Someone Who Hurt You. Gah. This is a TOUGH one. But if you cared to read what I suggest this far, then I want you to know this is an important one as well. Important for your mental health. And remember forgiving is not forgetting. It’s just not carrying the weight of that unforgiveness anymore. This may require the help of another trusted person, but it’s worth it.

19. Ride in a Boat/ Fly in an Airplane. If you’ve done this, you may think it’s silly to have this on my list, but again, I know adults who have never done one or the other of these. And if you haven’t, do it! It’s amazing.

20. Take Care of Your Skin. I wish I had done this YEARS ago, but taking care of your skin as far as sun care and wrinkle prevention is important.

Around 2013, 16 years of Marriage

A Little Further…

21. Vacation with Your Spouse (Alone). And yep, it night be hard to do if you have kids, but SO worth it. This is another way of investing in your spouse, and it’s so much fun to get to be on vacation with your best friend.

22. Go Camping. Whatever that looks like for you, do it. I’d suggest a tent and sleeping bag, but if that’s absolutely not your jam, do what you can. Camping is a fun way of seeing beautiful parts of your country, especially from the parks you stay in.

23. Vacation with Your Parents. Whether it’s just like the old days or not, go on vacation with mom and dad. Maybe got to an old favorite vacation spot from when you were a kid.Take pictures. Make memories.

24. Buy Your Parents Something They Can’t/Won’t Buy Themselves. My siblings and I have pooled our money several times and done this- recliner chairs or vacations, they will be THRILLED.

25. Read Your Bible. In the early years, I trusted people to tell me what the Bible said. But I quickly learned that people can slant things and make the Bible seem like it says something completely different. YOU be educated.

26. Have a Professional Manicure/Pedicure. Yes, I know we are all capable of doing our own nails, and I don’t have the moola to spend on nails all the time, but every now and then I DO like to splurge and get my finger or toes done. It’s a special treat to some, and is something else that you can have done and forget for a few weeks!

27. Have a Professional Cut/Color/Style Your Hair. Again, I know we can all do this to some level, but it is another treat that we can get for ourselves, especially if you do this for yourself.

28. Buy One Piece of Investment Jewelry/Clothing. Yes. This is going to cost you, but if you buy that investment ring, necklace, blazer, sweater, etc, it’s something you can truly keep around for YEARS. And if you make sure it is in more of a traditional style, it can be used for a long, long time. Don’t forget, your jewelry could also be passed down to your children or grandchildren! And you can’t do that with costume jewelry!

29. Go on Vacation with Your Mom. I’ve done this a few times over the past several years, and it is truly a precious time of bonding. You essentially are ‘living’ together again and can stay up late talking, hanging out all day together. Another great time to make memories!

30. Visit Somewhere You’ve Seen on TV. This is just a fun one. Have you seen a beautiful National Park that’s within a few hours from you? Is there a store that you’d typically never visit? Are there gardens filled with Spring or Summer flowers that you’d never even thought about going to until you saw it on the news? Watching HGTV, was there a place you wanted to see? Take a day (or a week!) and do it!

My son and I in the Dominican Republic with Student’s International

Almost There!

31. Take Your Kids on a Mission Trip. (See #8) Taking your kids to another country or an impoverished area within your own country, to see how people have to live because of a crisis in their country, because it’s just an impoverished area, or even poor life choices. It’s an eye opener to kids, and when you show how you can stand beside these people, and help them in some small way, kids will remember that forever!

32. Take your Kids to Disney World. (I know, way to switch gears!) But taking your kids to Disney World (or Disneyland) is like a kids right of passage! It makes all of those movies come alive, and it really is an amazing place. As a adult, I am still addicted.

33. Walk a Beach Barefooted. And I am going to get a little more specific and say walk and OCEAN beach barefooted. I promise you, it takes you to a next level of relaxed. Sit with those toes in the sand (yep, live out those Jimmy Buffet songs). You won’t be sorry.

34. Climb a Sand Dune. There are only so many places that these are available and OMG is it hard to do, that’s why you may want to sneak this one in while you are under 40…lol You won’t believe you did it, and if you are like me, you will know you can cross that one off the list and never have to do it again… 🙂

35. Take Care of Your Body. This really needs to be something you should do while you are young BUT if you haven’t started, it’s not too late! Make sure you are taking those supplements. Eating right. And exercising, in some way shape or form. Your 40-50-60 year old self will thank you.

36. Make Something with Your Hands. This can go along with a hobby (#11) or doing something beautiful everyday (#17), but make something… bread, crochet something, make something from wood, paint something… Creating something with our own hands can be foreign, especially in a world where we can buy everything that we need. Making something with your hands is a challenge but with a reward at the end.

37. Tell Friends You Love Them. We say we love tacos or coffee, so why can’t we tell friends that we love them? I started doing this maybe 10 or so years ago, and as I get older, I realize the value in it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell your friends what a treasure they are to you!

38. Fight Everyday for Your Spouse and Your Kids. I put this on a list of things to do before 40 because honestly we need to be doing this everyday of their lives. We need to be fighting for them, defending them, praying over them- not complaining about them to anyone who would listen. This life is hard enough but if you can fight for your people, life can be a little easier on them.

39. Invest in Your Relationship with God. I am a Christian, and this is so very important. But, If we just assume He’s there everyday but make no effort to cultivate that relationship, what good is that? It’s like having a friend that we only speak to a few times a year. Yep, you know one another but they really can’t help you be a better person. This investment it SO important!

40. Wake up Each Day with a Determination to be Happy. Before your feet even hit the floor each morning, make sure your mindset is set on positive things. Pray over your day. Do not let the negative things from past days sneak up and ruin a day before you get out of bed. Think on all of the blessings in your life and how thankful you are for those things.

In Closing

Looking back at all of these things, it was pretty cool remembering why I’d chose each of these things on this 40 Things You Should Do Before 40 list. I hope this was fun and helpful for you, or send it along to someone who might find it helpful!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I’m so glad you did! And we will see you again on Sunday!

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