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4 Ways to Style One Piece of Clothing- A Blazer

Several months ago, I took the plunge and bought a Ralph Lauren blazer. It was $20 on Ebay. And she is beautiful. But how is a stay at home mom going to wear a blazer? Keep reading and see how you can wear a blazer in different settings!

First off, I’m not a sporty mom. I can’t pull that look off, well because the only exercise I can claim to get is walking. And for my own motivation, I don’t let myself wear sweatpants or yoga pants beyond those times, because I feel it makes me TOO comfy.

Like I lose motivation if I am too cozy. You know what I mean?

If I get dressed and put on a little makeup, I feel like I am ready to go to “work”.

I used to homeschool my boys when they were younger, and that was one thing I made them do before they did their school work- get dressed.


All of that being said, I try to get up each day and put on some clothes… like jeans and a sweater (in the winter). If I am going somewhere, I try to kick it up a notch. And blazers are a great option to help kick your look up a bit more!

Now on to the blazers…

You can wear ANY blazer of your choosing. I have 2 really nice Ralph Lauren Blazers, both were purchased used on Ebay for less than $20. (I also have a great pair of RL loafers I got for less than $18 on Ebay too, but we can save those for another day.) If you have a blazer from Walmart, a garage sale, or one that you’ve had for 20 years, it can work!

And if you are working with a minimalist closet, or capsule wardrobe, even better! Because in these situations, you know most of your things can be interchangeable. (That’s another subject we could talk about also!)

And if you aren’t, hopefully this will give you a few ideas of things you can do with YOUR blazer!

ways to wear a blazer mom life

This look is a little more dressed up with my black jeggings, but still dressed up enough to wear to work, a meeting, etc. I wore this to teach one day.

ways to wear a blazer mom life

You can also make a blazer super casual. This look is with jeans and a plain white tank top. Fit it with a pretty necklace and you can look great and still be comfy in jeans.

ways to wear a blazer mom life

Blazers are SO cute with graphic t-shirts. I paired this one with my own t-shirt design. You can find it HERE. But whatever graphic tee you wear with it can be a reflection of your personality, and still look great!

ways to wear a blazer mom life

Layering is easy with a blazer. If you live somewhere cold, you can layer a tank, button up collared shirt, sweater, and blazer and be warm and still look put together. If you live somewhere cold, you know how hard it is to look cute in the winter! Bye bye frumpy mom!

Lots of Looks

Depending on the color, pattern and style of the jacket you own, you have LOTS of options. As you’ve seen from above, you can always dress a blazer up by wearing dress pants, colored jeans, or a skirt. Or dress it down but wearing jeans.

As a mom, who occasionally wants to be able to dress up, I like having a blazer in my arsenal. This one piece of clothing is very versatile.

Do you have a blazer? Which look is your favorite? was this helpful at all in making it more wearable? Share below!

And make sure you follow the blog! We’d love to have you back! Have a great week!

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