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4 Ways I Save Money on Our Groceries

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In my house, we need a LOT of food to keep my people moving and growing. So how do I save money on groceries without spending a literal arm and leg?

Thanks so much for joining me today! I appreciate that you’ve stopped by! Today we are talking food. Specifically groceries. Many of you know I have 4 boys between the ages of 17 and 10. THEY EAT ALOT. Plus, we eat pretty healthy. So how do we keep our grocery costs as low as possible?

feeding our family, save on groceries

It takes work!

Just like there is no ‘get rich quick’ formula, there is no ‘save money’ button to push. It takes work, and time. But once you know what works for you, it can come pretty quickly.

I used to cut coupons. And from time to time, I still DO use coupons, but there are so many DIGITAL coupon options out there, it’s hardly worth my time to sit for an hour each week to work at cutting them out of the Sunday paper.

What I Use:

Grocery Store Perks (or Electronic Coupons)

Most grocery store chains will have Ecoupons (or Electronic coupons). I shop at Meijer and they have a program, I also shop CVS and they have a program. Once you get the initial setup done (which isn’t tough), you DO have to go back on line (usually via their app) and “clip” the coupons. This usually takes me less than 10 minutes.

Places like Aldi, unfortunately do not have an online coupon clipping program. But I can’t complain because Aldi still has amazing prices.

Shop Your Ads

There is a lot that leads up to this (like grocery lists and meal planning, if that’s your thing), but if you know you buy a certain brand of spaghetti sauce and that brand goes on sale once a month, or every 6 weeks, you definitely don’t want to have to buy it in an off week when it’s not on sale!

If you use this sauce at least once a week, and you know it only comes on sale every 6 weeks, how many should you buy to sustain you for that time? At least 6! I know that seems like a lot but if you can save $1 on each one, you just got yourself a free spaghetti sauce!

In the end, this shopping technique WILL save you money. I’m sure I save several dollars each week implementing this.

Ibotta app screenshot

Use Non-Grocery Store Specific Apps

I use Ibotta. Yes, this sounds gimmicky. I thought so too. Until I’ve been able to earn money back from doing my normal grocery shopping. I loaded it on my phone maybe a year ago, I’m not even sure why. Then I decided to look at it to possibly erase it off of my phone… but for some reason I clipped some coupons on it instead and gave it a try. There are a lot of healthy food/ product choices on this too! I am now up to almost $40 after 2 months of using it.

You can either take a picture of your receipts OR link your accounts. I have my Meijer account linked to Ibotta so every time I shop at Meijer, not only am I getting my online Meijer coupons, but I am also earning money back through Ibotta. You can get the money back through a variety of really great gift cards (like Amazon, American Eagle, Best Buy, Ebay, Target, Whole Foods, and many more) or through PayPal!

Get Ibotta HERE. And if you share it with your friends, you can earn $5 from each referral who actually uses the app also.

Use Self Control

In short, we can talk money saving apps and techniques all day long, but if we don’t address self control, none of this matters.

Do I buy things that AREN’T on my shopping list? All the time! But I try to make smart decisions using self control. I always go in to the store knowing that I am going to buy myself a “treat” for doing all of this shopping, which is usually a coffee.

I also buy things that I see on a clearance rack ONLY of I know we use that item and it can save me money in the long run.

I do not, however, shop through the clothing racks or makeup aisles just LOOKING for something to catch my eye, because mama, you know there will be something pretty and sparkly that will catch my eye. And then I will just HAVE to have it… Don’t put yourself in that situation!

Also, don’t put yourself in a grocery store any more often than you need to. Every time you walk in that store, you know at least $50 will be coming out of your pocket.

So, how much can you actually save?

Two weeks ago, when I went shopping I only went to Meijer. I shopped for my family for the next 2 weeks. I also knew my kids were going to be home 6 days without mom and dad (grandpa lives next door). We also had a small group meeting one of those Sundays.

This was what I spent and saved at Meijer… I spent $431.12. I saved $29.24 with Mperks (Meijer’s online coupons), and $10.15 in paper coupons that I had (which were sent to me from Meijer or from the kiosk printer). That’s a savings of $39.39. That day from Ibotta, I earned $2.25.


How can you save more money on your shopping? Well, that’s up to you. Hopefully I gave you some ideas on where to start looking though!

If you have any questions on anything I talked about, please feel free to ask! I’m no professional but I have been doing this a while!

Like I said earlier, I am sooooo glad you stopped by today! If you’d like to make sure you keep up with what we are doing, please make sure you subscribe to the blog. You can also follow us via other social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. All of those links are up at the top of the page. Have an awesome day and we will hopefully see you again soon!

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