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4 Things to Try Tomorrow on the Longest Day of the Year

So tomorrow, June 21st, is the longest day of the year. Not that there is any more time in a day to get things done, but there kind of is…. Tomorrow is the one day of the year with the most daylight! So why waste those beautiful hours? Get out and enjoy them!

First thing you should try, especially if you’ve never tried it before, is to make ice cream in a bag! Sounds crazy but my boys and I tried it for the first time probably 6-7 years ago, and it WORKED!!! You can find a recipe and instructions HERE. It says you can use whipping cream, half and half or regular milk. But I’ve also used soy milk (because I can’t have a lot of dairy) and it worked out great!!! So test out this fun little “science project” whether it’s for your family or just for yourself!

I am going to call the next thing to try “Target Frisbee”. Because basically with a can of spray paint (one color or several) you paint a target on your lawn. A large one. When it’s dry (of course), you take Frisbee and try to see who can get the closest to the center of the target! Kind of like darts, but with a Frisbee!  You could probably invest in some glow in the dark paint AND Frisbees and play even later into the night!

The third thing, is something I have yet to try but want to make- an outside checkerboard or tic tac toe board… either one or both! What you can do is PAINT the board on a table or a smooth board, then make the pieces out of flat rocks. For the checker board, take 24 flat rocks and paint 12 one color, and the other 12 a different color (example- 12 red and 12 blue). For the tic tac toe pieces, take 10 flat rocks- paint 5 with X and 5 with O.

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And the last but not least is an oldie but goodie- go out and catch some fire flies! I would take a canning jar with a lid, and then as you (or your kiddos catch the fire flies, add them to the jar. You can carefully place the lid on and enjoy them glowing in the jar for a while. But don’t forget to let them go!  Summer isn’t summer unless you catch yourself a fire fly or two!

So get out, have some fun, and don’t forget to take some pictures! Happy Summer Everyone!

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  1. Fun ideas! My kids would love to make ice cream in a bag! And I love the target frisbee. I will be trying these ❤️

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