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My Life with Boys- Grocery Shopping

So shopping with me can be a 2-3 hour ordeal. And I usually recruit a boy or two if I can, because it’s easier when I can get help. But in all honesty, I don’t mind grocery shopping, as long as I’m prepared. I have to prepare myself by making a list, going online checking […]

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My Life with Boys: What it’s Like to Raise Sons

This is a brief overview of my life as mom, raising sons. Just because they are boys doesn’t mean they can be rude and disgusting! Many people will think just because you have sons, you will constantly be living a life of smelly socks, dirty shoes, and lots of potty humor. Well, that doesn’t have […]

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Clean, Healthy Home- Keeping an Eye on Cleaners We Use in Our Home

Here are a few ways we have tried to keep our home cleaning healthy, by keeping an eye on all of those products we bring into our home. Years ago, when I started learning about what different foods did to our bodies. I also started to learn what different products like cleaners and body products, […]

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Getting to Know Me: Stranded on a Deserted Island, 3 Things I’d Bring

Happy Monday! Did you all make it through the snow storm ok? (This is for those of us who live in midwest to eastern US) Since there are many new readers joining my blog, I figured I would write a few posts about myself, so you all can get to know me a little better. […]

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