Hand Lettering Practice (Video)

This past weekend we actually celebrated several birthdays in my household, but I DID get in a little “art” time. I have been taking a hand lettering course with “Show Me Your Drills” and so far am liking it. You can find the site HERE (Happily Ever Crafter).

This is just a one minute video (time lapse) with me doing some of the drills from week 3. I started late so if I can get several days done in one sitting, it a good thing! And this is by no means exciting, but I am enjoying it. And am trying to stretch myself and learn some new things. I have hand painted/ lettered signs for forever just about but can always learn more to make my products more desirable!

If you would like to learn some new hand lettering techniques, this seems like a good source, and I’ve seen good reviews. So far, my experience has been good as well!

Follow me as I follow a new technique of lettering!

Coming up, my bedroom makeover! Going from dark to lighter! It’s amazing how little things change a room so much! Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss it! Thanks for watching!

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