How to Combine Beauty and Function on your Kitchen Counters

Many times our kitchen counters become either a mess of decorations we can’t use, or items that we use all the time that just aren’t pretty. Today, we will be taking a look at some items that can be both beautiful AND functional!

First, take EVERYTHING off your counter. EVERYTHING! Second, clean the counter. Third, find some great baskets, shelf, boxes, buckets, etc that you love and already own OR there are great items at places like HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, and even antique stores that can be used to bring beauty and function. Lastly, add your utensils, towels, coffee cups, cookbooks, decorations, etc! Then enjoy those clean, organized counters!

The following pictures are from my Pinterest page- LOOK HERE to find pictures and links for the pictures I am sharing here. Be sure to check them out!

Keeping organized is the best way to decorate your dorm room!
Love this idea for a coffee bar OR just a counter top. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, but multiple items can be stacked  here.


Farmhouse Friday Tour Vol. 4 | Rooms FOR Rent Blog
Wooden boxes! One of my current favorite decor items! You can use them to organize several larger containers like a pitcher, sap bucket, or measuring cup (like displayed) then you can add your cooking utensils. LOVE!


Double up your space with a crate / Create a rustic, farmhouse kitchen with these easy ideas! By Funky Junk Interiors for Ebay
Another wooden box! This shows a box turned in another direction, and being used as a shelf for 2 stacking surfaces, and a beautiful one at that!


We'd never make you tuck your coffee maker out of sight  if you don't want to (mornings are rough enough as is). But by lifting your MVPs up a level, you clear your counters for meal prep without having to make any sacrifices.  See more at The Chronicles of Home »   -
What a great way to use some typically wasted space! Love these shelves! Here they have cookware, ingredients, knives, coffee maker, a basket for miscellaneous items, etc.


Declutter your kitchen counter with this shelf and little rod which holds utensils.
Coffee cups, cooking utensils, maybe some measuring cups, towel, etc can be displayed on a handy shelf like this!


Good morning, friends! Sharing this little shelf in my kitchen for the lovely ladies hosting #ShowYourShelfieSaturday. Hope everyone has a lovely and relaxing day!   @robyns_frenchnest @living_and_loving_cottagestyle @housewife_101_ would you ladies like to play along if you have a chance?
Another great idea to tuck items away in a pretty way. Wire baskets add organization, but keep things clean, simple, but tucked away.


Organization and Storage Ideas for Small Spaces | Interior Design Styles and Color Schemes for Home Decorating | HGTV
This would be a great DIY project! Love the use of canning jars for organization.  This picture is of a bathroom, but could also easily be adapted for the kitchen for utensils!


Many times our kitchen counters become either a mess of decorations we can’t use, or items that we use all the time that just aren’t pretty. Today, we will be taking a look at some item…
Now, this is part of my counter top. I use a crock to utensils, tin buckets on the back splash for decor and utensils, a wire basket for napkins, and a large jar for sweet treats!

Hope these ideas are helpful for cleaning up your counter tops! Any baskets, buckets, boxes, hangers, shelves, etc that you love would be great to add to your counter top decor.

Remember check out the link HERE on my Pinterest page for the links to each of the specific pictures and MORE!

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Have a great week!


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