Fav Finds

So, you may have seen these all over the Internet. The insides holding succulents, jars with flowers, crayons, candles, etc.  So why is this a Fav Find? I found 2, yes TWO of these tool boxes! I remember several years ago, my husband and boys made a few of these.

Ah! I’m so excited! They are currently bare wood, so the possibilities are endless!!! I can paint, stain, sand…


These can also be found old in antique markets, and can be made new with a little bit of woodworking knowledge. You can add jars filled with anything your heart desires. Plants, real or fake. Decor items.

I am going to use mine on the dining room table. I will probably be painting mine with a light gray chalk paint, and sanding it a bit.

When I came across this picture on Pinterest, I knew I had to add this to my Fav Finds.

What are some of your Fav Finds recently?